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Map Interactions While Moving. FIX THIS

So… the map won’t let anyone click on stops or dinos while you are moving. And if you do click on them, they rubberband right back to the map without letting you interact with it. Dinos, strike towers, supply boxes, doesn’t matter what.

Please ask your Devs to put the RAM back into the map loading processes. I know someone thought they’d save server processor power because nobody is travelling because of the quarantine, BUT WE STILL ARE AND IT’S MAKING THE GAME IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY WHILE MOVING! Seriously, the quality of life in the game is WAY DOWN.

Thanks. Turok.


This has gone on FAR too long. We just had a major update with “bug fixes,” and it’s still happening. It’s beyond ridiculous at this point.
They fixed the unlimited coins bug within 24 hours.
It’s like they’re spitting in our faces.
Bug that loses them money? Instant fix.
Bug that affects players negatively? Months gone by with no fix.


Yep, it’s impressive to see the JWA devs fix bugs that detriment THEM but not US.


At this point we will have to wait til the next update. I have little faith in Ludia to address this. Every update while implementing new ideas and features they mess up other features and then ignore the community when they point them out.

I have said this before but if this was intended, tell us. If not, fix it. But the silence on this is getting ridiculous. I have faith the mods have brought this to their attention. But for one reason or another they refuse to issue a statement or better yet, a fix. This is just another example of incompetence on Ludias behalf that could be easily solved by COMMUNICATING…


Say what? That they are underpaid grunts who do the bare.minimum and will not say anything that is not approved by management.

That money or what they think earns money gets to attention for bugs.

The mods and comm managers want to help but their hands are tied by management. Either in terms of response or getting the programmers to do something.

It took them 4months to finally code and sell Care Bundles. That was a cash cow waiting to be milked. Imagine what kind of schedule bug fixes are on. Not to mention their update cycle seems to be always 1 update behind the feedback given.

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Gosh I hope this bug is being looked at or even considered. This is seriously ruining the game.


I agree, it’s been a full patch now with this “zoom out” bug. It makes it very difficult to play if in a moving vehicle. Definitely the most game altering bug I’ve experienced. @Ned any word if this is being addressed anytime soon?

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It feels like the rubber banding actually got worse with 1.14.


Problem is I’m not even sure its viewed as a bug; if I recall correctly (which is not always at my age) someone posted a response from support saying the game was not intended to be played from a moving vehicle …

If this is their solution to prevent people from playing from a moving vehicle, they are dumber than we ever thought could possibly be. This is not Pokemon Go (as much as they desperately want it to be) and you can’t play it the same way by simply walking around. JWA doesn’t have the spawn density of PoGo to make it that way. It’s not even within two or three orders of magnitude. The only way to legitimately play this game and get the same level of encounters is from a moving vehicle, whether that’s a bike, bus, car, or other form that goes more than few miles per hour, which results in the rubber banding.


Wholeheartedly agree - from my experience it seems to be linked to signal strength - the worse the signal; the worse the rubberbanding. This is linked to speed for me as the poor signal tends to be outside the towns where the traffic is moving faster.

Hello everyone, thank you for bringing this up. I’m sorry if this problem frustrates you. I’ll be informing the team about this. If you’ve already contacted our support team, then they will get back to you as soon as possible.


It happens for me at any noticeable speed, even with perfect cell signal.

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I contacted them and was told the game isn’t designed to be played while in a car.
I disagree, as the strike towers (prior to Covid) can be many many miles apart.

If the blanket answer is “The game shouldn’t be played in a car”, then they should remove the Owen warning that lets you say you are a passenger, and just lock the game up. Why ask if you are a passenger if you aren’t supposed to play in a car?


Be careful what you ask for.

We got the current arena situation because we asked them to stop arena droppers.


Good to see my memory is working :+1:


If that ends up being their official stance, and rubber banding is intentional to keep us from playing in a moving vehicle, that will be the end of my spending.

@Ronald I don’t know if I’m considered a significant spender in this game, but you have them look me up and see (StoneCutter#3941). I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one to stop spending.


I think it would spell the end of the game for many


Oh definitely. I canceled VIP as soon as the problem got worse to unplayable levels.

And what with the stay-at-home restrictions being lessened slightly, more people are going to want to go out and play instead of sitting at home watching a giga scent