Map jumping issues

Hi all,

A week or so ago I started to have small glitches while travelling by vehicle now it is all the time and distance is growing. My marker would freeze, then it may say I am travelling too fast and bounce me to another spot on the map which could be 500mtrs away then freeze and then come back to where I am.
I have been in touch with support but thought I would ask in here as well as the game is not playable atm.
I am using an Android Samsung s20. I have removed my Google account and uninstalled my game. Upon reinstall I have tried using the guest account with same issue.
I then tried using just google maps and there are no issues. Then much to my disapproval I installed pokemon go. This game has no issue moving around the map. Any ideas…I’m out of them :frowning:

Hey Kirbsta, our FAQ here might have some troubleshooting that will help:

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Hi Ned,
Thanks, looks like it is an issue with only this game and my google high accuracy for Location. Had to turn it off which is a little painful as google maps now does not work correctly. Other S20’s in the house hold are not having this issue. Thanks for the details though.