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Map lags heavily when in motion/clicking supply drops

This began happening after the most recent update. I am on Android and have latest Android update installed.

While on the map and rotating the map, or clicking supply drops, the map lags and lags, freezing and glitching. Happens when I’m sitting in a chair at home opening my local drops, or when I’m walking, or when I’m driving - so motion doesn’t seem to matter.

Sometimes it’s to the point where, if I’m walking and try and click a drop in my small circle, by the time the drop actually completes the animation to enlarge so I can open it, it is no longer in the circle.

Only seems to affect loading of the map and performative actions on the map. Darting and battles are barely affected.

I am not getting the purple “loading” circle on the screen - the game just takes forever to respond to anything

I can provide video of this if necessary.

Some days I can spin drops for 10+ minutes without any incident, even if in a car, but sometimes it starts nearly immediately. And as soon as it starts, it gets really bad after about a minute. Sometimes it will “fix” itself if I have enough patience, but most of the time I have to force close and restart the game.

Steps I’ve taken to try and resolve it:

  • deleted/reinstalled game
  • performed Android OS update
  • clear cache/data from game
  • disable/enable GPS from phone
  • switched from data to wifi and back
  • deleted other apps
  • force closed all other apps prior to starting JWA to ensure no background app is taking up space

Any solutions?

Hey hilariousname, could you email your support key and device information over to our support team at so our team can investigate? Thanks!

Okay, done.

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Hello, I have the same problem for about 4-5 days. I also have the latest version of the game and Android.
In my case, the problem also affects when I am throwing darts, so it is very difficult to hit. In battles it affects less, but there are also small jumps in the animations.
I have tried to change all the mobile settings (gps, wifi, 4g, energy saving, etc …) but the problem continues.
I have written to Support and they say that the problem is with my GPS connection, but with other applications it works correctly, so the slowdown affects the whole game in general, although on the map it is where it is most noticeable, the problem must be in something related to the last update.
Mention also that I play with connection via Facebook, I say it because of what was mentioned in the thread Anybody experiences connection problems?, in case it could also be related to that type of connection.
Sorry for my horrible English, I use the translator since I’m Spanish.
Thank you very much in advance and I hope you can help us.

I started having this issues yesterday. Tried all of the the troubleshooting suggestions and nothing has worked.

Hello again, with the last game update the problem has solved. Now the map loads in a reasonable time, and the movements do not cause it to freeze again.
Thank you!!!