Map lags then crashes

As title says map lags then crashes

The map does feel pretty unstable with this update. Very laggy when loading. If you leave the app and come back in a little later, you’ll just get that purple circle spinning endlessly and then Owen pops up and never goes away until you reset. I also get that pop up about 40 times a day that says JWA has been updated and needs to restart. Pretty stupid.


Yes Ive had the jwa has updated thing aswell

Hey Jaycanterbury1980, I’m sorry to hear that your game is crashing. Could you try the troubleshooting from our FAQ here and see if it helps:

If you’re still having issues, our team can investigate this further if you send them your support key and device information here at

Android 7.0 on Moto G5 Plus and very, very slow and laggy. Even using WiFi at home, takes a long time to change screens. If I sleep mode the phone with the app open, I get the loading screen of death and have to close and reopen the app. It did not do that in 1.7.

The app has not locked up on me yet. Just very, very slow to load screens.

Ned… I have iPhone x and my son has iPhone 5s we both play and both are crashing on maps… we’ve both restarted and reinstalled but it’s still happening

anyone else have their map lagging or GPS not keeping up stuttering, things of that nature? I’m getting a lot of map issues in traveling. when I’m sitting still it’s fine but when moving it stutters and jitters and doesn’t load I think there might be too many sanctuaries on the map map maybe to overloaded What are your thoughts?

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I’m having the same issues plus mine keeps freezing when I get out of the sanctuary whether I’m moving or sitting still. Its super frustrating! Im on a Samsung S8. It definitely seems overloaded to me as well.

A little bit of lag on map building after battles or darting but not too bad. Just annoying.

I’m finding spinning drops and farting is really laggy/ glitchy. And friendlies fail 4/5 times

I had a couple lockup’s today while spinning a supply drop. Had to restart to clear it.

Iis the worst seen so far. Empty map, carsh and hang all the times

Sometimes I enter the game or switch accounts and the sanctuaries don’t load. In fact, on my old phone, the sanctuaries didn’t pop in the whole 2 mile lunch time walk. It didn’t matter as I was only out to dart and hit the 35 to 40 drops on both my accounts. I tether my old phone to my new one so I can dart and collect coins together on both. Some of the drops and spawns are different in some places between the two phones, including sanctuaries and strike towers.

I am having certain areas of my map entirely blank. Not all of it, just at the grocery store and mother in-laws house, for several days it is blank when I go there, fine elsewhere.

It’s still going on… this happened last year…

Now I can’t even play…

Hey @Jaycanterbury1980, I’m really sorry you’re unable to connect. Have you tried other steps from our FAQ that Ned linked you to? And have you already contacted our support about this?

Y E S… I’ve tried ami

If you have already contacted our support as well as trying the TS steps, please refrain from updating your ticket, as in this way it will maintain its position in the queue. Our support answer times vary depending on the amount of tickets they receive!