Map Layer Settings - Boss/Sanctuary/Drop/Creature Display

Please add a “Map Settings” feature in the setting section to be able to turn on and off items from displaying to lessen the lag.

Most lag is caused by the constant loading and movement of raid bosses and creatures. There are occasions such as riding in a car where we are just spinning drops, or we are just looking for a good creature to dart. We only need to see raid bosses when we have time to do them. We only need to see the sanctuaries if we have one started in range or we initially want to start one somewhere. The rest of the time, we can get to them from another menu.

The setting should have 4 items that can be turned on and off:

  1. Raid bosses
  2. Sanctuaries
  3. Drops
  4. Creatures

This will lessen the lag for a lot of older devises and even newer ones.


I second this.

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I agree on this idea

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Can support this, also you can see it in action kind of if your game bugs out after collecting the free incubator and the map disappears. Makes the game run real smooth. Though you can’t run scents with the blank map, it just crashes the game.

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It might end up taking up more memory to compensate though.

But it is a good idea nonetheless that I can get behind.

Being able to remove sancs and raids from the map when hunting would be a huge QoL improvement, I’m all in for this idea.

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I think I would mostly like to turn off the raid bosses that get in the way of drops and towers.


I asked for this sometime ago. For me, I’m fed up of not being able to select certain elements on the map, all because everything is bundled on top of each other.

So, I still fully support. I don’t want to see raid bosses unless I’m looking to raid, and I don’t want to see the sanctuaries (which are always placed practically on top of a supply drop) unless I want to drop a creature in it.

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if battle tabs were a thing, we could have bosses removed from the map for the most part.

Been suggesting this for a long time. Hopefully if enough people keep nagging them then Ludia will finally take notice.

I think this would make a huge difference for map performance and easier/quicker selections