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Map Loading Extremely Slow

My map loads extremely slow and it happens pretty often like every couple days. Its super annoying especially when I am hunting.

Anyone has the same issue or there is something wrong with my device?

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During days when these 15 min coin chests are there by any chance? They make my phone slow as hell also, it’s quite annoying.

Yeah it happened this morning before 10am and on Sunday, both of which were with 15min coin chests. I have to either stop playing for a while or reinstall the game…

Reinstalling should have zero effect on something like this. How good of a phone do you have? Mine’s a little slow, so you notice these things extra.

Mine is iPhone X, purchased a year ago.

Hate to do so but reinstalling works every time lol.

Oh that phone should definitely be fast enough :slight_smile:
Have you tried just clearing the cache instead of a whole reinstall? Might save you some time.

I would love to try but I think the only way to clear cache on IOS is reinstalling lol. Just wish this 15 mins coin chest thing ended earlier.

Thanks for the advice though.

Hey BlackDragon, does this happen on your WiFi or mobile network? As it’s possible that it could be connection related.

It happens more when I am hunting so mobile network. However, it does not help when I switch from mobile network to wifi.

If you’re on your mobile network, try disabling the Wifi setting and vice versa and see if that helps with the loading.

Sadly it does not work. It has been happening for quite a while. I though it was a known issue for Ludia.

Our team could take a closer look at this, would you be able to send your support key along with your device information to them here at Thanks!

Our team might be able to provide you with some further troubleshooting as well.

Okay thanks Ned