Map loading seems dumber since

I moved into another city 2 days ago. While I can take excess storage as a reason, how about I try to clear the data of the game? What consequence do I get?

Hey TeaRekz, I’m sorry if your in-game map is having troubles loading. If you are playing on a “guest” account and your game is not linked to either Facebook or Google Play, you could risk losing your game account if you tried clearing the cache on your device. However, our FAQ here might have some troubleshooting that could help you as well:

So either if I play on my own account or have it linked to my fb or Google, I should be safe to erase the data? When you see it’s large as 1gb it’d be tempting…

Any game account that is not linked would be considered a “guest” account. There’s some more information from our FAQ here:
We also recommend having the support key from your current game saved or written down. It will allow our team to find your account just in case anything were to go wrong. I hope that cleared things up a bit, let me know if you have any other concerns or questions!