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Map rewards limit

Dear Ludia,

In my game the map rewards limit is frozen at 1d 0u (see screenshot). Dont know if this is happening for someone else also?

Did you try closing out and opening again? I usually have to do that when it resets at 8pm Eastern US time.

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Yes, still the same issue after multiple restarts. The same issue with the green supply drops…

Visual glitch, that’s all.

Visual glitch or not, need to be fixed i guess?!? Cant even see when it will reset

Hey pieterouwendijk, I’m sorry if your reset timer appears to be stuck. Could you make sure that you have updated to the latest version of the game? If you had auto-updates turned off, you might need to go into your app store and update the game manually. If you’re still having issues after updating, reach out to our support team here at with your support key and our team can take a closer look.

Dear Ned,

Thanks for your answer. At the time that i did report the bug i got my game was updated. Somehow it looks like last night it fix themselves? So for now it looks allright. Will look again in 9 hours when the timer is going to reset.

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