Map still worthless

This new spawnmechanic is still bad…the only good thing outside are the event dinos

Try moving. You can find a lot better dinos that way.

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I drive 1h to work and 1h back home with the bus and I m walking 2-3h per day but since that stupid update nothing good spawns beside einio, majunga and suchus

And btw i drive trough every local zone to work as back

I just spent an hour driving around zone 3s looking for mono… didn’t find a single one. they are out there just gotta keep grinding away and you’ll get lucky

Yeah, I can see how that sounded mean… :wink: but to my point, I may have been lucky, because I have seen a lot more than I am used to seeing. Maybe your timing is just really unlucky?


That was pure luck

The common spawns are off the wall redundant… seeing the same dino x4 times on the same street is just bad design its like at times i feel like im playing launch pogo… with irritator g2, majunga, and eino playing the roles of pidgey, caterpie and rattata

That said Ive still nabbed 2 sinos since the update which is my normal 4-5 per week average.

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The reason why theY change spawn like that is coz now you can request dns from alliance