Map Update Idea - Visual Local Indicator

Ok so we all know that different locals exist in the game which spawn different things, well why not have the map have different colored areas so we know where locals end and a new one begins.

Like say L1 shows the map as green, then you see in the distance the map appears red and it’s an L2 and another color for the other 2, each unique ofcourse.
So you can look at your map and at a glance you can discover the various different locals around you…heck it could even SAY which local right on the map so as to help color blind players.

This would also help when you have scents active and don’t wish to accidentally move out of your targeted local to another with dinosaurs you don’t need.

Plus I think having slightly different colors for each local would make the map look nice.

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Yes, great idea @Stiffeno ! This would help a lot :slight_smile:

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Just brining this back up for some @Ludia_Developers consideration.

With the map visually displaying coloured based on zones it would make it infinitely easier to find a different local around you!

Need dinosaurs from L1? head to the part of the map thats blue! Need something from L2? head to the part of the map coloured red and so on, rather than blinding walking around assuming you are in the right local, without knowing you have wandered into a different zone!

Would also like others opinions of this!


I would even go with different colored drop boxes… Orange, Red, Blue, Purple and leave the event drops green. Even a line on the map you can see to know if your crossing into another zone.

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Great idea for newer players! I more or less have my town’s areas memorized, so it probably wouldn’t help me that much. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Still, a great idea nonetheless!

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Ludia making something easier for us?? Haven’t heard that before…

Oh, actually they did, they did help us stay at home by having garbage weeks lately

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I hadn’t fully mapped my area but had a general idea about which zone was which, but to be able to see at a glance would be nice!

Also actually have the zone written on the ground possibly for those who are colour blind.

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Believe it or not, they do make good decisions sometimes. They just don’t always think about the longevity of the game, which is a shame. I really do think it’s the fans keeping it alive. But I do love this game, in all its buggy glory, so I’m fine with it, to an extent!

Not trying to be the mod here but I’m pretty sure this is a Necro post