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Map update messed up drops and spawns distribution

Last two days had two trips, so I had a lot of playing time as a passenger. Almost immediately noticed that on fast roads and highways are more drops than usually. Spawn density was enormous on some places. Most were proximity spawns. On places with a lot of drops and proximity spawns game became very glitchy, though not sure if it’s cause of so much content or minor signal fluctuations.

Here are some screenshots.
On first pic you see fast road going past shopping center. Here proximity spawns appeared one after another.

On highway looked like this, many times there were even more drops and spawns.

Map update obviously messed up with park spawns and areas too. On highway saw many areas like this, where there aren’t parks at all.

So while in walking areas we experience less drops, especially green ones and less spawns, roads with no sidewalks have lots of drops and spawns. This means that game became D2P or basically get yourself a driver or go on bus or train that you can normally play the game.


This week has been terrible in this regard. Monday and Tuesday I hardly saw green towers. Wednesday improved a little but not enough.

Being for me important to capture tany, I ended the period Monday / Wednesday having been able to shoot only 5 tanys in three days despite being many hours playing.

Yesterday, I went for a walk for many hours plus more than an hour by public transport. I exhausted 100% of rewards from the yellow towers in the middle of the afternoon, I exhausted 100% of the rewards from the treasures also in the middle of the afternoon but I did not get even 40% of rewards from the green towers at the end of the day. It is clear that something has been unbalanced and I hope it returns to normal.


So this morning I get up, make a cup of tea and turn on JWA.
Not ONE Dino available to dart!
So I figure I may have to restart the app and do just that. No difference at all. 2 dinos are 151 metres away, but not one is within range to dart as I sit here drinking my tea.
And I only have 3 stops in the 150m range, no green, no incubators etc…
This sucks

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The update broke something but they won’t admit it.

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On the other hand, has anyone seen the scent tower that should have appeared yesterday Wednesday? No one in my alliance has seen it.

Nope, didn’t see scent strike.

This post needs more push. They need to do something about it. I hope it is not intentional.

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From my observation, over 2 days, I believe I know the problem with the missing Green/Event Supply Drops. Both days, at the event reset time I could see 3-4 of them as normal.

However they get replaced by either the Halloween treasure chest or the Scent strikes once those reset later. So that’s probably the reason for the missing Event Drops. They were replaced by treasure chests or strike towers

To confirm this, on Wednesday we all got to see more Event drops as that was the day when the common and rare creatures appearances overlapped. If you can recall where the event drops usually appear in your areas, you should see a chest or strike tower replacing them instead. There’s a gas station near my house, I almost always see an event drop there or nearby. Now I see a chest or scent strike tower. Same with all the usual event drops on my route to work.

So this was truly a trick or treat by Ludia! The treasure chests were a treat for sure, but the trick was that we lost most of the green strike events and the weekly feature creatures. That’s really not funny, not when there’s such a good line up for Halloween week.


I don’t think the Halloween chests altered it that much. Here’s my high street since the change not a green in sight image|281x500

They are all out on the roads. I don’t drive. image|640x352

It’s all good everyone!
I just read that they hope it’s fixed by Sunday night :rofl:

Green drops are appearing more now since last reset for me. Still not as many spinonyx drops as the last time, but at least i can see them in my area. Thanks for the quick fix.

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Indeed. You can’t possibly walk enough to get all event spawns or run a scent without running out of darts. There are way less supply drops now, much less green ones. While driving today there were no green drops in sight most of the time. I had to drive very far just to get all the event epics. This is absurd. The rise in proximity spawns has certainly been good, but it’s easy to see a lot of those when you are driving. If you were to walk you wouldn’t feel like it was near enough. Not to mention you would run out of darts since the supply drops are so sparse now.


My only comment on this from playing the game 3 hours per day is that there are nowhere near enough green supply drops now. These are reduced immensely (feels like quarter as many as there used to be).

This has meant it’s so hard to complete all your attempts, especially if you are going after a specific Dino.

If Ludia gets the green supply drops back to having more like before then I am in love with the changes.

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Ugh, THIS makes me want to go on a rampage at times. If I’m walking at a brisk pace, into a cluster of supply drops (let’s say 6-8), and I’m actually waiting till I’m RIGHT UNDERNEATH MOST of them, I should get darts from more than half of them, and at least one of them should provide a generous supply of darts. Actually, you should ALWAYS get darts, no matter what else you might get (unless you’re maxed out at 140 free ones, but then the moment you use some and dip below 140 in your arsenal then you should return to getting SOME darts from EVERY SINGLE SUPPLY DROP, EVERY TIME.)

(Oh yes you should.)

There is no reason (no valid reason anyway, that is not based on greed or an attempt at emotional manipulation) to make darts so scarce. I should maybe have to buy darts once a week, if I’m doing back to back scent capsules and not paying attention or the like; I should not run out when I’m being very careful with my darting choices, patient with the timing of opening the supply drops to maximize what I should get, and power walking to cover the largest possible area I can and reach the max number of drops I can.

Yet now, I do, routinely. I live in a densely populated urban environment, with 3 large university campuses within half an hour of me (and Brown University a little over a half hour walk, or a 20 minute bus ride), so I’m not in some remote location. I’m just watching the number of supply drops get winnowed down, week by week, and the supplies those that remain are distributing is getting more and more stingy.

When issues like this one keep popping up constantly (annoying, small but significant), it has the same effect on gameplay as the big bugs and/or imbalances like the T-Rex with a speed over 160. Whether it’s one big gashing wound, or hundreds of bleeding paper cuts, eventually you bleed out, and you’re likely tp just give up before reaching that point.

Ludia, please stop the constant flow of issues like this that drain what little fun remains in this game that I once saw brimming with potential. Please stop tinkering with it and letting new bugs like this one creep in, and turn the game into a chore.


I’m loving the new map area, in a 7 km walk in my suburban concrete jungle I find hardly any dinos compared to the old maps now and only a couple greens boxes…I’m saving so many darts. When I do find them they are usually mujungas, apatos or irri across different zones. When I got out of bed for the walk didn’t expect to get any Rare irritators so I never got disappointed…glass half full isn’t that what people want on here :wink:

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