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Maps problems


Hi, I really enjoy this game, between exploration and strategy ! Thanks.

But since I change country four days ago, it is impossible for me to charge the map, no Dino, no supply drop, no event, no road, no building.

I try to empty my cache, the cache of google maps, desinstalle, install the game five time each.

I also contact the support via my account two days ago but didn’t get an answer yet.

It was working in Myanmar, if find it weird that it doesn’t work in Vietnam.

I’m quite sad that I miss the legendary event this Sunday and some daily gift because I cannot open supply drop, since they don’t exist…

What should I do? I play with the last android version.

Thanks by advance for your answer.

Edit : removing tag, sorry.


Hey Trache_eo, sadly the game is not supported in Vietnam at the moment. If you’re having issues playing the game in another location, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to try and assist you.


Hello Ned,
Alright, thanks for your answer, that’s sad but I will keep going with the fighting play until next destination.

Teache eo.