Mapusaurus rumbles into JWA!

Don’t Move!

With serrated teeth and a thirst for blood, the Mapusaurus is ready to meet the bark and bite of any challenger!


Hello all! Thought I’d come back again today for another creature proposal in the Mapusaurus. I designed this creature to be a mix of baryonxes ability to buff group damage and Albertosuruses ability to finish off those pesky speed-based dinosaurs with Killer Instinct, with an added new ability in Devouring Strike, which makes use of the new Devour mechanic. Of course, like any fierce creature, this one excels in dispatching resilient creatures while having quite a hard time with cunning creatures.

Balance-wise, I wanted mapusaurus to be good competitively in Arena while also seeing use as an alternative to baryonx. I did intend for this creature to direct counter most sauropods because Mapusaurus was known to have fed on large sauropods like Argentinosaurus. It does generally have a losing matchup with any creature that boasts a cunning ability (ie: Cunning strike, rampage, impact, etc.), and especially hates abilities like Cautious Strike, Devious Strike, and Cautious Rampage. It’s only real edge against cunning creatures is it’s Killer Instinct ability, which is to keep opponents on their toes as a way to punish a foolish swap in, or a level 20 Velociraptor. As always, Flock creatures will mop the floor with Mapusaurus.

I am planning to throw all of the new creature proposals i’ve been making into a mock update, so look out for that soon :wink:

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What do you think of the Mapusaurus?

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How would you use Mapusaurus?

  • PVP and Raids
  • PVP
  • Raids
  • Tbh i’m just gonna collect the DNA and wait for a hybrid

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let me know your suggestions and feedback in the comments!

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It’s great but the devouring strike caught my eye making me think about removing it or not