March 09-15 Events: Lockdown & Immune

Good week
Diplodocus again and grypo with a carbonemys master strike.


Epic Incubator Event of 7 battles? Great! (More battles less headache). :laughing:

Carbonemys incubator? I need it right now! :hushed:

Thank you for showing and keeping us informed! :wink:


This would have been perfect for a Titanoboa event. It does have Pinning Strike after all.

Anyway, the Carbonemys strike is nice but choosing which Epic to dart is not going to be easy. I need Darwin for Vexus, but levelling Gemini and Grypolyth is tough.


Whats that scent? Dimetrodon?

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Need to unlock Gemini, but also need Daryx +1 level. And grypo. Isn’t even bear to be created

if titanoboa was available what would you go after. i’d be stuck between diplodocus and the boa.

I’d still be torn between Darwin and Boa. I’d rather work towards a new hybrid than on one I already have, and my Dilophoboa is still level 16. My Vexus ingredients are already at 20 though, so that would be closer.

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Puru and Diplo!
Possibly some secodonto in there too. Turtle incu, ok though i have enough turtle.
Is that a dimetrodon scent? Not too happy about speed boost strike as I have no use for it.

Well if Diplodocus and Gryposuchus are spawning, that’s cool because I have neither, not even a little DNA. Extra Darwinopterus would be nice as well, because I’m so close to leveling one up. But I also don’t have Megalosaurus or a good amount of Purrussaurus DNA too.
Definitely can’t do anything master rank, because I have no legendary or high enough level epics to take care of anything. My highest one is Baryonyx lvl. 14, with Tyrannosaurus Rex at lvl 13. I have been able to do the blue advanced stuff several times. So I might be good there. Lol, I am looking forward for this.

Hmmm Grypo and Diplo, tough choice. Not sure what to do.

You got grypo, diploma, and sarco

Diplo :heart_eyes:
And then I realised that I’m going to get another 10s on Gemini…

Good week overall!

Definitely need Turtle and Grypo

Titanoboa : Am I a joke for Ludia ?


Hmmm easy week until the weekend

Gemini wave in arena increases

she does work well against higher level and boosted inod g2s. (both are broken, but that’s a different topic)

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Ya but the thing is she also beats everything else… she beats everything else…she… beats EVERYTHING ELSE…

Oh boy I’m about to get some free wins lol

Ludia: No, you just not Profitable

I’ll still go for Puru and Scaph (can’t help but feel like it might get a second hybrid at some stage), and I’m in need of all epics for a change. I hope I can get to that Carbo strike!