March 09-15 Events: Lockdown & Immune

I think, will need to check, I just need Darwinopterus and Gryposuchus this week.

I think Doplo will be the smart choice. Other two can be found in the wild.

Boa wont be part of an event until the next update releases a new creature Ludia will make a bunch of hybrids for but wont be available without paying.

Yay Now Im Going To Get Closer To Pterovexus And Geminititan

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Oooohoo! Welp, imma be sleeping on them Commons. The Rares… Meh… I have more than enough for them… However, I have this hope that Megalosaurus will have another Hybrid for me to funnel DNA into. Just a hope. Otherwise, sleeping on them too.

Now the Epics? I might go for Darwin, but I’ve paused my time with her. Now Gryo? Finally got her to level 20, so now I need to gather more DNA to begin fusing… But Diplo… I need to gather more DNA from her too. She ain’t level 20, so I’m going to need more from her… But I’m closer to creating Gryposuchus than Gemini, so I guess I know who I’m going for.

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I hate how when a good epic is out it’s released with other good epics. It’s never a good one and the others suck. All 3 are super rare for me. However I’m going with Diplodocus so I can get level 25 on Geminititan. Plus it’s an exclusive.

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