March madness/mayhem 2022 speculation

What do you think will we get to see this march madness or mayhem?
Most likely choices :
Giraffatitan (we’ve got a 3rd creature for the iguanodon rig so perhaps we get one for the Brachiosaurus rig)
New gen 2 (monolophosaurus or allosaurus)
Purrusaurus (it’s the last amphibian missing from jwa)
Haast eagle

Least likely but still possible :
Dodo or compy (flocks probably gonna be introduced but hopefully as normal creatures without absorb)
New aquatic (we need a tournament pliosaur, plesiosaur and squid)
Cervalces or megalonyx
New jwa dinosaur (bajadasaurus, miragaia, Dakotaraptor, stegoceras or struthiomimus)


I think adding the term “speculation” to the thread title would be more apt, because the current title would look like official information…


Cairn wait. Back in the very first March Madness I got umoonasaurus and metriacanthosaurus on my old account.

I wonder how many new creatures we will get this year. Would be nice if all rounds would be tournament this time but like the last two i think one will be for a tournament hybid

I’m ok with that tho. I hope if they do that then it’s Scorpios or an Herb.

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It could be a dinosaur character, similar to Bumpy.

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Let’s set our expectational standards a bit low I got to say.

We know the deal. :v:t2:

The ultimate upper limit for me is them to remove those multiple deco removal and instant first entrance disconnection bugs.


Mega Hybrids!!!

I believe last year they had a survey for which hybrid to feature in the last tournament of March Madness, so my guess is they do the same thing sometime in the next 2-3 weeks.


Totally Unlikely: Japanese Dinos.

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Dominion is out this year. So i think Ludia is gonna gonna have a field day with all the new species and gen 2’s they can do. Hopefully lot’s of cool creatures this year. Hopefully.


What is march madness in this game?

It’s utter madness. Everyone loses their mind for the month we all go abit C R A Z Y and are compelled to give Ludia are wallets.

nah jk lol

March Madness is a “event” which gives us a new tournament every weekend of the month of march, therefore we have March Madness. Or as we should call it, Tournament madness.

It’s a painful month.

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I think dominion will have an extra update like indoraptor got one for fallen kingdom

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That is what I find confusing. I mean we are already getting a tournament every week, right, or are things like “Shake the Earth” not considered tournaments?
Is only the CoT considered a tournament and will we get one every week in March?

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It used to be a big deal because back in the day tournaments only happened once every couple of weeks. And then after one year’s March matches it just continued until today. So it’s only exciting because typically one of the tournaments is for unlocking a hybrid and we usually get one new creature as well.


Tournaments used to be a rare thing when the first March madness happened, they used to be like 2-3 weeks apart and were usually a fortnite rather then just the weekend. So march madness has sort of…become the whole year madness really.


Fukuisaurus and Fukuiraptor: :cry:

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Unless they could add it hehe.

Im new to forum

What is march madness exactly about