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March Madness Week 3 Teaser


Hope the colorings are similar to Park Builder’s…


lol the other thread was right

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:pensive: :pensive:

Don’t worry, it will come back around soon. Just have to wait around a year for it.

Spinosaurus Gen 2!!! WOOT WOOT
Definitely going for Dominator finish on this one, expecting high trophy count already lol. Gonna be a hard one but I definitely WANT IT.


WooWoo. Spino gen 2. Kool
It’ll be great to have a spino in the top part of my lineup. Here’s me thinking the picture on the schedule was a volcano lol


Does anyone remember the base trophy count for kapro? And does gen 2s have a similar trophy count to one another compared to bnew creatures?


This calls for expertise from @Sionsith I believe. He is our resident statistics person :star_struck:

From the thread I gathered it was around 1325-1350 for the 100th place in Dominator.
Safe to say this will be same or even more than that.


You are correct, what’s odd about these last couple of new creature tournaments they are not following the typical new creature trophy count. Usually new creature tournaments are 1,500+ but they have not been acting that way so will need to see some data on this tournament this weekend to see where it’s going to land on the scale of 1,300-1,600.


My dom 100th was me with 1309. I ALMOST did what I did in the kapro gen 2 and forgot to squeeze in a run


I didn’t expect spino gen 2 this soon. Let’s hope he is stronger than dilo gen 2

Yes this last tournament wasn’t really worth it I don’t his stats not worth dna but spino should get a higher attack he’s got a whole movie just about him in the franchise and in the game he’s like a supporting character🤦🏽

JWTG Instagram Story.

I also hope for the colors of Jurassic Park Builder. I miss my spino in that game so much!