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Soooo no spoilers but I rushed through the latest chapters and his next appearance might be what we are all waiting for? I mean, I thought that before and it didn’t happen…if they jerk us around again I might just unmatch with marco. I’m super done with this story line! Its annoying and over done at this point. Dude is the only one oblivious that hes in a crappy relationship and he still needs to more evidence of it! Like come on! Open your eyes man!

Just dump sally, go on hiatus, come back and lets date, damn it!


This storyline bugs me so much but I think that’s the goal. You want this person so much but they are forever just out of reach.

So you beat your head on the wall trying to win them over. I think secretly they enjoy it and have known what MC was doing all along.

Makes me want to kick him in the shins though.


Thanks for the warning I will avoid him like the plague since I reset my account


How do you reset your account?

Under help click on the envelope and start a chat with support, ask them to reset your account all they need is your support key and why you want to reset

It’s making more and more sense. I mean, Sally suddenly can’t make it to the cake tasting, and Taylor suggests MC goes and Sally’s perfectly fine with it. Suddenly feels Hugo is indeed planning our wedding without me realizing it!

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I don’t know how I feel about that possibility. On the one hand, I want him to realize what an idiot he’s being, but on the other hand, the MC and Hugo haven’t had enough romantic interactions for me to see it happening. I guess I just want them to spend some time as an actual couple. Of course, if this were RL, I would have walked away a long time ago and told him where to take his drama.

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Have to say I’m liking this update. Hugo and Sally are stubborn as ever, and I liked how MC’s kiss with Taylor made her feel butterflies. (That was the option i chose). Seems like we’re gonna have a choice on whom to choose.

I was super down for the kiss with Taylor and then it looked like he was into it too. Not to mention, he left with MC. I honestly think throw Hugo/Marco and Sally in the trash and MC and Taylor should get together.

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