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Marco/hugo super spoiler!

This text will be blurred[/spoiler]Ugh! The wedding is off but not the way I thought it would be! And now they are making me choose between Marco and Taylor and Ive already chosen Marco! Just let me be with Marco! Let sally have Taylor! Everyone is happy![spoiler]This text will be blurred

Damn it devs…also is this the start of the break? I hope not.


Seems closer to the end of that train wreck which I’m glad maybe they can focus on better characters

I want my MC to choose no one. :sweat_smile: What a mess!

I haven’t been to the wedding yet. I hope they don’t force me to object. Hugo needs to make his own decision. If I have to, I will pay gems to sit there silently staring when they ask “speak now or forever hold your peace.”

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This update is indeed a bit messed up. For whatever reason I still want Hugo, not Taylor, and it feels the app is leading MC in the wrong direction. I’m expecting a huge plot twist at this wedding!


So very annoyed. :sweat_smile:

Told him I wanted him and immediately afterward he’s changing his tune and being a turd. I shook phone and went “Oh COME on!” So I suppose kudos to the writers for being able to elicit such a response but I’m over it.

I get that the guy is extremely confused but at some point his head needs to be free of his butt.


Yes it’s very messed up most times can’t even get it to work

I just hate when they give us no control over the MC. They give us more dialog choices that lead to the same place anyway but I really don’t want to be pushed into another love triangle, and to be at the center of that when I really don’t want to be?

Just, let me date marco and only marco. I don’t see how we could date taylor anyway since the only way we can talk to him is through dates and meet ups with Marco. Let taylor have his happily ever after with sally. Stop this dumb drama!

Marco is my favorite character and they are wasting him with this nonesense!


Well, after you guys finish the wedding, let me know if thats the vaguest set up to a hiatus or do you think they will be back next week?

I dont like how it ended.

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Its still got a ways to go. I can’t tell if its on a hiatus or if they will still continue for a while.

But yeah. This story has the most hair pulling drama out of the rest of their stories. I need a Franz cleanse!

It cant possibly go much longer that character has no backbone

:heart:oh my goodness I feel the exact same way as you! But instead of Marco and Taylor, I have Hugo and Taylor. But I also am only wanting Hugo not Taylor, but just now when I had another chance to see Hugo in the park once he finally reached out to me to say that he does love me and always has and can’t marry Sally yet he’s still looking torn for whatever reason idk?! He keeps saying how both their families are close and blah blah and if he doesn’t go through with the wedding sally will never speak to him again?? I’m still in shock that he finally told Sally his real feelings!! Cuz both Hugo and Sally were all obsessed with getting married yet they are like so not meant for each other and honestly they both just seemed as if they weren’t head over heals in love with each other, well that’s what I know for sure Hugo has been feeling for her for a while now. But Sally, omg Sally she is something else right?? Like I don’t even know the right adjective that could describe Sally but all I know for sure is I just get a bad vibe from her and she is crazy for Taylor NOT Hugo!! :angry:ugh​:angry:!!! And like several of the guys that I have been talking with are like “offline”?! Some have came back but now they are all like gone still saying “offline”!! Just frustrated y’all sorry

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All I want is to blow off Marco/Hugo and Taylor for Sally

Yeah! Just let me have marco. Taylors a good guy but hes sallys guy.

I wonder if the weird marco/taylor/mc triangle nonesense keeps going if Sally will sign up for lovelink! Maybe she will be the next new match!

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Who knows I dont even think the devs know the updates are completely random


I’m kind of loving how this storyline has so many people invested.

You know…for better, for worse… :sweat_smile:


I stopped his route before I reset along with a few others

How do you reset?

Either by deleting the app and reinstalling or asking support to reset your data

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Right? I dont see any other stories that have this much discussion! Plus if this was the hiatus that means all my favorites are MIA for a while. (Poor Jonathan :sob:)

Unless Austin gets out of solitary soon and Ryan comes back from looking for that rat.