MaritimeDino's is recruiting 2

Hi guys we have 4 spots open in MaritimeDinos we have a level 20 sanc hit tier 7 in tournaments and hit tier 8 exploration and 7 defense looking for good players to help evolve. No blind requests will be accepted we will only be taking new members through discord in order to join us we can be contacted stuhar#9032 or Bah Humbug#9989 on discord

Hi guys we do have another active post but the information needs to be updated. We are a very active alliance in a transition period we are converting to requiring discord we are looking for 9 new members we are only accepting new members that contact us through discord we get tier 7 in the alliance championships and tier 8 exploration and tier 7 defense and also have a level 20 sanctuary. We have a good core of very active players and ties to several top 50 alliances looking for players that are tournament active and active in weekly missions to join please request through discord at stuhar#9032 or Bah130#9989 we will not be accepting any in game request without prior contact on discord