Marker limit?

Anyone know if there’s a hard limit on the number of markers we can use of each color? Was tagging things to help with sorting/hunting but markers started disappearing after a bit.

Was using green for things I need to improve my PvP team and orange for components of new hybrids. Might need to rethink my plans if there’s a limit.

i think each creature can only get 1 marker, which sucks because i was trying to group up stuff for my new team and stuff for my tournament team and there are creatures thats in both
now i cant use multiple markers on a creature i have no idea how i should use the markers

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That makes sense. Though I was mostly talking about how many creatures can have the same color of marker before the game takes them off other creatures.

how i would do it is
make one like red for the arena team. Make another colour like yellow your tournament team. then use orange for both.
or something to that effect.

wow you can use the markers to know what dinos go into what hybrids
for me at least

Although I think other options were markedly better I will say the ability to sort by marker may be slightly useful for quick selecting for tournaments or raids