Markers are not useless!

I spend 30 minutes marking my dinos, and now i know which ones i have to level up to 20 and which ones i need to get DNA off, and with which ones i do raids, or level them up for fun… SO ITS NOT USELESS
sometimes its fun trust me


That’s a good idea

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I know it also helps you find creatures to put in sanc


I have a marker for maxed (tier 30)
A Marker for creatures that want to get level 30
And another with creatures with level 30

Uh… We have done that for 3 years, and pretty sure we didnt have any issue about remembering which creature need to lvl uping


Wonder if those markers are the reason daily mission rewards got reseted to 10

I mark the creatures on how much I have to worry about 'em. For example, I struggle quite a bit when fighting Mammolania so I put a red marker on it. Thor is pretty easy to kill for me so I put a green marker.

I don’t really need the markers for this but, they’re ok

I mark mine for raids.
Rares with the blue flag for example.
Hit the filter and no more scrolling looking for Posti and TRex G2.

I just look at them and know which to level up to what level by what the hybrid is. Some new ones may be confusing but all the older stuff is pretty simple. Glad you found some use for them. For me it is very useless and I do not intend on using it for anything.


The absolutely most disappointing thing is that you can’t, or at least I haven’t yet found how to, put multiple tags on a single Dino. Its just dumb classifying anything into a single category when many things cross multiple categories. Another tragic blunder by ludia in my estimation

For me it would be useful if i could be notified if a marked Dinosaur appeared in range of my Drone.

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Agreed! I think the markers are super helpful. I don’t raid enough to remember which creatures have group attacks or other helpful abilities so it takes forever to find a good one to balance the roster.

Here’s how I did mine:

Team Selection
Red = Has a counter attack
Orange = Has group attacks
Yellow = Has group defense
Green = Has a healing ability

Reminder to self
Blue = Need them for hybrids I’m trying to create or level up
Purple = Never used in arena battles but could be fun to try out in a tournament. Usually a low level one that wouldn’t last unless it’s set to tournament level

if i’m trying to find a creature i will put a marker on it when i find pretty useful