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Market help me pls

Hi, I have a minor problem. When I get a new card I can’t know it then I buy another one in the market, I’m new to this game and I don’t know how it works

Could you elaborate it a bit please. So as to know what is really happening with you

When I get a new dinosaur from the event, I can hatch it. But if I want another one I have to get another one but I can’t buy it because we show that I don’t have it unlocked. sorry for my english but i’m from slovakia :slight_smile:

Okay,you can only unlock it by participating in a specific event which occurs on mondays,called as Earth Shattering,every monday you can participate in it and unlock it for purchase through DNA in the market,till then it is only other methods,participate in the bronze prize drop frequently and do all the events everyday,this will help you stack resources,Dinos and Loyalty Points which you recieve after opening a pack. When you have 10000 Loyalty Points,you can purchase a solid gold pack, which has really good creatures(VIP Creatures)

ok thank you very much :slight_smile:

If you look at an event cover and you see a small opened lock in one of its corners this tells you that the creature you can get is unlocked after you finished the event.

Additional you can have a weekly overview of all unlock events if you take a look at the weekly calendar (unlock = yellow).

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