MarksTeam Alliance is looking for active Members

Hey there I’m currently looking for active members to join our alliance group. Anyone is welcome but must be active everyday.
-You must be active.
-You must be generous

An aussie? @Stiffeno you might wanna come say hi lol

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Ahh im glad you asked mate, you see I was a little busy fighting some ppl off for this 700 rolls of toilet paper lol.

And greetings lol


Oh yea… :rofl:… My wife texts me to run to the store to get TP because the whole world is running out. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Haven’t you heard? toilet paper is the cure to corona apparently haha, just wrap it around ya face till ya cant breath and you are immune LOL

I’m going to have to make a quarantine sign to put on my house to keep people from breaking in to steal my toilet paper.

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Im just gunna stop removing spiders from my house and use them as guard pets for intruders lol

And oh no we have hijacked this poor blokes thread, so hope JWA will give his alliance a chance :).