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Marsupial Lion and Smilodon bug

I know some have posted about Marsupial Lion and Smilodon having the cries of other creatures when darting, to me it sounds like Parasaurolophus, but I wanted to provide evidence of this anyways.

You’ll probably have to crank the volume up but you can hear it.

@Sean_Sperry. Marsupial Lion and Smilodon mimic that sound of Parasaurolophus as a hunting technique. :smile:

But thanks for letting us know! Our team will look into it.

Thanks @Ned for the timely response, didn’t know if it was supposed to be that way with the sounds but I could have sworn I heard Smilodon have a more cat like cry when I darted it before so your response makes me feel less crazy. :sweat_smile:

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I’m getting this bug now. I can’t say that I did before yesterday, but now at least Marsupial Lion and Smilodon have Iguandon sounds when darted.