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Marsupial Lion- Attack decision Bug


Did someone else mention the Bug when the enemy plays the Marsupial Lion first you cant choose your first attack?
some guys in the ranking are already abusing it…


I’ve been making videos of me using the Marsupial Lion. I haven’t seen anything odd in priority.

What happens?

I’ll happily try to reproduce it for show.


Some in my Stream commended, that they cant choose their attack, if the enemy plays marsupial lion first.
I dont know if it really so, but if have been 3-5 different person. I dont want to try it my own cause it is a bug and i am stream (bugabusing–> bann)


You are saying play a lion first is ban.

How can anyone not of played one of 4 creatures first.

I would obviously notice if they other player didn’t play.

From a friendly this morning. I play Lion they play raptor.

I play priority move prowl they play pounce. So obviously they could choose as the auto is strike.


thank you:)
i need to investigate that


A video of nothing happenening.

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Any time I fight the lion or rino (from tower earlier in the week), my game lags horribly and I can’t see my powers. Game also lags for me when lion is on the map and while darting it. There was a thread reporting bugs like this with your phone type, not sure where it went.