Marsupial Lion DNA caps at 25000+

Hi Mai I confirm that the Marsupial Lion & other Cretaceous rare DNA caps at 25000+?

All rare DNA has the same cap, although I thought it was 50k. That’s weird.

Edit: It’s 100k now even. Maybe the + indicates that you just have a bunch more, but it doesn’t matter how much more :slight_smile:

Edit 2: You have any other rares over 25k?

Not sure what the current caps are but I have a Einiasuchus with 28795 and that is not showing as maxed.

More to the point - you have 25000+ lion DNA :eyes:

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Let’s hope that’s the case.
Only this rare ending with +. Older rares I believe may hv high ceilings & do have some in 69k DNA

I would move this to the bugs section - best case its a visual glitch, worst case you have been capped.

It is still accumulating in the background. Check when you dart one and it will show the actual amount in storage.

I’ll let our team know! Thanks for the screenshot. @Glamrock :slight_smile:

Hi, may I confirm the the Marsupial Lion collected DNA caps at 25000+? If so, is it the same for other Cretaceous or newer rates?

Just a visual glitch or bug. You can still keep collecting until the actual rare DNA cap

Thks. Yes they add up. Sry for double posts

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