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Marsupial lion name


Just name it thylacoleo
correct me if i’m wrong,but as i remember marsupial lion is thylacoleo
the name marsupial lion sounds less cool


It’s a synonym. It’s called the exact same thing in JWTG

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I’m thinking about calling it “Prowler”
Edit: it probably won’t get the nickname


It’s weird because they use scientific name on other species, but common name on Thylacoleo.


I came to post this same question.
I’d much prefer if they made it thylacoleo.
I suppose it could be argued that there’s multiple variants of it, but that’s the same case with Dimetrodon and that’s named with no issues.

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I’m calling mine Bitey Koala


Just be glad they haven’t added dropbears yet. Those things will make DC look like trash.

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When I come to do it’s entry in Cenozoic of the Day, I’ll make sure to name it properly as Thylacoleo in the notes. :slight_smile:


hey why not just call it ** CenoDropBearus **
or at the very least call it ** MeanCenoKitty ** lol


Call it Handbag Cat.

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Thylacoleo carnifex, The killer wombat XD

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Now that the update is out, I thought it’d be good to mention that the in-game description mentions the scientific name which is a good enough compromise for me.


I’m trying to hunt this today. Love furry love skills.


Where do u find those? I havent seen one yet


Is it Thursday where you are?

I live in a city London but there is a lot of lions to get. I will buy rare scents later but its been okay without.


Totally agreed. If this isn’t implemented, why isn’t Velociraptor called Speedy Thief?


it is now available here in Australia and i am just a few dna strands short
of creating this POWER PUSS with claws, believe me its powers are
impressive and in battles against me i feel like strangling the beggar i
was annihilated faster than you can blink it moves that fast! as for me
i would have a tendency to rename this power puss to this instead