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Marsupial Lion spawning more than other daily rares?


I noticed that Marsupial Lion seems to spawn a whole lot more around me than other days with their own rare spawn. I was wondering if that’s on purpose since the lion isn’t used for a hybrid and is new or if it’s just where I’m at?

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It’s one of the daily creatures

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I know, I was saying how it seems to spawn more often then the other dailies


O sorry that wasn’t the question. I think I saw several today. Maybe 3 - 4. Not that many like you did I guess. I didn’t see several at the same time. And I was outside for about 2 hrs I think

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I’ll see a few of the rare bird, Elasmotherium, Triceratops and Trex, not the hybrids really because they’re hybrids. But the lion seems to be more common for me then the others.

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I saw many more last week than this week.

Also saw a lot of Tupac this week. That was my most plentiful rare on its day.

Catch them while you got them.


I just checked and I have almost the same amount of the lion on the map as Tanycolagreus

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O wow! Then you really have lots of lions out there :hushed:


Yeah there’s three around me now but it’s the sixth of them I’ve seen so far

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I spent the day trying to find them. Found 10. You are lucky.

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I guess I am, maybe if they add a hybrid for him I’ll have enough


I hope to get lucky with Maiasaura next week. Still don’t have her :cry:


Which one does everyone think is better, Smilodon or Marsupial Lion? :thinking:


I’ve seen loads of all “normal” daily rares (tupa everywhere).

The two rare hybrids got a significantly lower spawnrate, that’s why you will see them less often.

Same applies even more so for the epics. As you can’t pull them from scents, the epic hybrids gonna be a very rare sighting.

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Smilodons cure during pounce works Marsupial Lions doesn’t.

I find very few Smilodon. It should be better but getting near team level is just impossible.


I don’t have Smilodon yet, but his design is better than the Lions, in my opinion.


Our team will look into Marsupial Lions Prowl, but I agree that she’s a lot easier to level up at the moment. I hope Marsupial Lion gets a cool looking hybrid. :crossed_fingers:

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I think the patch said it fixed that? Unless its still an issue?


Its still an issue.


It should be working for Smilodon… I’m not sure why Marsupial Lion is so stubborn though. :unamused: