Massive connection failures


I have heard from many alliances that there are massive disconnections in the game, especially in the tournament. I myself can confirm this since this morning. Fights are lost and darts is partly not possible. About 15 minutes ago I had the last disconnection. I am online with mobile data and best connection with 4G.

I assume that there are problems with the servers of Ludia.

What is done by Ludia in this regard or is not now the weekend with a change to expect.

Same over here, lost three battles in a row due to “connection problems” in PvP despite being at home with a 400Mbit WLan… I immediately did a speed test and everything is fine on my end. Game does also often not start properly and stays on 1/30 or 15/30…Not funny

Hey @Vol_Ker and @fastflow, could I ask you to send your support key to our team at It’d really help our team out to take a closer look at things at their end.