Massive design bug

Circle does not have enough space for 100+ Dino’s. Please solve by giving us more free coins :wink:


But then you get the problem that if you have more than 10 million coins, that number won’t fit.

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Ludia should investigate this right now and delay update until fixed

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hahahaha I only have 86 without evolving … although it is also true that some have not even created them (Sarcorixis, Nodopatotitan, …) so they do not add to that number.

I don’t think they should give out free coin BUT I do think there should be more ways and options for earning coins. Coin limits should be eliminated in my opinion. I’d like to be able to grind as much currency as possible without restrictions lol

Jep, already made a post about getting rid of the coin limit when you’re a VIP. If you would like to walk all day/night long, why not.

Topic was meant as a joke, but it would be nice to get rid of that huge amount of ‘new’ evolves available since most of them are anything but new.

I know you meant it as a joke haha. I want what you want as well.