Massive Frame Drop on Creature Selection Screen

This is a problem I noticed a long time ago, when you’re in the creature selection screen for a battle the framerate drops a little, and the more creatures you have on screen that are in cooldown, the more the game chugs. However, for some reason, today this problem cranked itself up to 11. When I open the battle menu for the tournament, only four of the eight creatures I have on screen are on cooldown and yet for some reason, the game’s framerate crashes to <5FPS. It’s bad enough to the point where I can barely scroll through my roster. The second I exit the menu or start a battle, framerate jumps back to normal. As I said, this is not a new problem, it’s just never been this awful before. It’s more of a quality of life issue than a game breaking bug, but it’s still quite irritating to deal with.

I suspect it might be related to the recent update, I don’t know why else it would suddenly change like this. I’m really curious as to what the game is doing that’s so resource intensive as to crash the framerate when it’s just a bunch of still pictures, some of which have animated backgrounds.

Anyone else experiencing this or have any tips on how to alleviate it? (Besides spending bucks to speed up creature cooldowns) Are you not experiencing this issue? Is it just me? Please let me know either way.

EDIT: Now that I checked again I noticed the hatchery is also having framerate issues, though not quite as bad, I’d say it’s at a little bit over 5 FPS. Also perplexing, since the hatchery doesn’t seem graphically intensive either. Maybe the timers on screen are the common cause for both of these issues?


I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing frame drops, Jambo. Would you mind reaching out to our support team at They’ll do their best to look into things.


Hi yep I also experience this issue. Not a new thing also but also started experiencing it (and worsened) as my dinos got more “stronger”. I just never bothered to go through support as I thought it was just a normal thing one would experience as it wasnt really a bug, just a game quality thing.

Also, I am using an iphone 11 (which is fairly new) however my storage is almost full and currently got 6GB free storage so maybe that also contributes to this.

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It’s a hardware issue, this game is extremely hungry in terms of hardware requirements.
I had this issue for a long time with my old tablet and it was constantly getting worse. Last year I bought a new one (Samsung Galaxy Tab S6) and it was like playing a new game. Everything was smooth again.
In the meantime I recognise a little reduction of the framerate in the creature selection screen again, especially when I have a lot of creatures in cooldown.

So I’m already beginning to save money for my next tablet sometime in 2022.:wink:

Sometimes I think that my tablet was outdated the day I bought it. I thought that 6GB of RAM is more than enough but then I received an update to Android 11 a few weeks after I bought it. This new OS alone requires almost 3GB of RAM and together with the game I very fast reach the threshold of more than 4GB used RAM. I never thought that I would reach the point where I have to take care of my active apps so fast on this device.

My recommendation to everyone who is looking for a new device: Spend all the money you have left for RAM, especially when you are looking for an Android device.


Just started experiencing this last night, however it’s just on roster selection screen, I do not experience lag like this in any other part of the game, it’s got to have something to do with the previous update and providing more space does not fix the issue.

My creature selection was fine a couple days ago so its definitely not a hardware issue on my side.


Ok, awesome, glad to know it’s not just me. Well, the lag isn’t awesome…
You know what I mean.

I guess it was the update then. I too, had mild frame drops on creature selection but earlier today it just got really bad out of nowhere.


Yeah it’s just cleared up for me now out of nowhere, dinos still on cooldown but its back to being smooth, strange :thinking:

Aaand it’s back again, real annoying, I really dont want to have to go through support explaining the problem and being told it’s a problem my side and I dont have sufficient ram, when I know this isn’t the case and every other part of my game works fine (or better than fine really). I have nearly 3 gb of ram extra and it was working fine during the day yesterday.

I scroll across with my creatures and theres noticable lag, if there is one creature on cooldown then that lag is increased tenfold, why here? It’s just imagery, how can there be lag here but not anywhere else in my game? :thinking:


Right, this is not the sort of issue you go to support for, this is the sort of the issue the dev team just needs to handle themselves.

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If I was drinking something I think I would have spit it out after reading this last comment.


Oh I am so glad it’s not just me, I was blaming my phone or operating system or WiFi… it has been driving me crazy trying to play a tournament and all my attempts to scroll lead to accidental selection of dinos at the top of my line-up while I can’t get it to scroll to the right.

Everything else is working as normal.

Rereading my comment, I definitely could have worded it better, but am I wrong?

In my experience support has been great for dealing with issues at a single player level. Lost resources or didn’t get a reward for some reason? Support is great, they’ll take care of you every time. But this feels more like a global issue that can’t be effectively addressed on a case by case basis. Only solution that comes to mind is the dev team making a correction in the next update.

I agree with you, I was just thinking of all the times we have brought up what seem to be global issues, and then we’re requested to put in a ticket.

On one hand I understand that if it doesn’t get a lot of support tickets they might think it’s not that wide spread of a problem, on the other hand when it is seemingly a global issue why put support through the problem of dealing with an influx of tickets.


no its no firmware i have a new phone and today i get the same problem, before that no problem was there + also have a weak tablet which no that problem before

whatewer that bug is away from me

Just yesterday I began to have the problem mentioned in the post. I’m not sure if it has to do with the update of my device to the One ui 3.0 (I updated it at the beginning of the week) or it is something foreign, it is curious that after some time this problem appears at the same time as several other users.

is problem i game i has new phone where game normaly runs on 60 fps

It most likely is foult of that backgrounds of high rarity creatures. When i’m scrolling through them it is so laggy 5fps~10fps max but when i scroll through commons or rares it scrolls fine because there is no glittery background. And that whole thing is with me since SO long ago. Its not foult of my phone for sure because i have one of the newest. The one simple fix would be to just make those pictures not animated thus game will not be having a bad time to balance frames.

I don’t think it’s the high rarity creatures, the issue was just as bad on the rarity rumble event today which restricted players to rare creatures only, none of which had animated backgrounds.

Also yeah, my phone is pretty new and I have 2 extra gigs of RAM not being used, so I don’t believe it’s a hardware issue.

Perhaps OS based?

My iPhone Xs running latest iOS has been fine, other then the initial lag that always seems to happen for the first second of scrolling through the battle matchups, but after that it is smooth as always.