Massive Frame Drop on Creature Selection Screen

I also have the same problem, especially with cooling dinosaurs and with the hatchery. Let’s be honest, do you really think that most of us are going to have the same problem at the same time and it is our fault? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Nor do I think it is a problem with the update since this problem started recently and until a few days ago it had been working well (not counting the login problem :roll_eyes:). Anyway, I already contacted support reporting this and I think we should all do it, the more people report it, the better they will know if it is a global problem or not.

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Has anyone received a response from ludia yet?

I’ve not put a ticket in pure and simple because I know with 100 percent certainty that this is not a hardware fault and do not want to be told that I dont have enough ram for the game.

Creature selection is very smooth for me most of the time, whatever this bug is it attacks at random points of the day slowing my creature selection down to a halt… regardless of how many creatures I have on cooldown… really doesnt sound like a ram issue to me. Unless mine and everyone else ram decided to go haywire a few days ago of course…

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my problem is already gone :woman_shrugging:

it cant be problem with hardware as I play on 8gb device bought just before month And i got that problem yesterday too.

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Has anyone received any response on this? :roll_eyes:

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Besides the usual, clear ram clear space, make sure internet connection is good, no.

They did tell me they was looking into it however.