Massive Influx of Dinos


Is it me or has anyone else noticed a massive influx of Rare/Epic dinos today? Today when I got to work there were 3 rares in my work parking lot and then when I happened to go on a break there was a T-Rex just out of my range that I ran to get. I thought it was completely random but on my way home from work I was seeing tons of rares I rarely ever see…

A couple hours later I was on my way to the grocery store and another T-Rex popped right on top of us while we were driving.

Now I’m sitting at home and see this…


I’ve had it yesterday. Went out for a mornin walk and was able to catch a Pyroraptor, T-rex, Rajasaurus and 2x amargasaurus which is actually a good thing :slight_smile:


Goooood! I hope they keep this up, we need to be able to always go out and catch these good dinos! :grin::grin::grin: