Massive Overhaul Update to Bring Powercrept Creatures Back

As of now, there are only 9 uniques you could consider tyrant. There are 33 total uniques in the game. This ratio is rediculous. Only 27% of the game’s uniques being tyrant needs massive fixing. And this is only for the arena endgame meta. Tournaments don’t get any better.

While a lot of players want nerfs for the strongest creatures, I feel that buffing every underperforming creature, while taking longer, would be the best way to stop powercreep and prevent it from majorly occurring again.

Tyrant tier should be filled with a ton of more creatures. Here’s a list of what the new tyrant tier should look like:

  • Phorurex
  • Skoonasaurus
  • Antarctovenator
  • Arctovasilas
  • Gorgotrebax
  • Hydra Boa
  • Indotaurus
  • Monolorhino
  • Parasauthops
  • Scorpios Rex Gen 3
  • Spinoconstrictor
  • Testacornibus
  • Ardentismaxima
  • Diorajasaur
  • Entelolania
  • Erlikospyx
  • Geminititan
  • Grypolyth
  • Hadros Lux
  • Mammolania
  • Mortem Rex
  • Smilonemys
  • Tenontorex
  • Trykosaurus
  • Magnapyritor
  • Haast Maximus
  • Refrenantem

This list has much more veriety than the current tyrant list. Tyrant tier only has 12 creatures, and this list has a whopping 28. While some uniques were left out, they should all be in at least high elite tier, and should still be viable (with the potential one exception being Tuoramoloch since it’s a raid creature).

Onto the lower rarities, I think every single creature should have some tournament use in their respective rarity. I want to see diverse teams that use completely different creatures from each other, instead of the same 10 good creatures you see every tournament. Allowing all creatures to be tournament viable not only allows for diverse tournament teams, but diverse teams in lower arenas, as well as more non-hybrids being used in higher arenas.

In summary, almost everything needs a buff. The meta is way too stale at the moment, and a huge creature overhaul could fix the entire meta.


I agree. Add more resistances to Entelolania.

She currently has:
100% Speed Decrease Resistance
100% Vulnerable Resistance

Entelolania would be awesome with 75-100% stun resistance since Entelodon and Entelomoth has full stun immunity. Maybe a 25-50% Resistance to DOT since Entelomoth has 50% resistance to DOT too.

Suggestions to Add:
25 or 50% DOT Resistance
75 or 100% Stun Resistance

Stats don’t really require too much of a buff. Maybe a slight bump to her base speed from 107 to 110 to be faster than more predators and slightly more viable than Mammolania.

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With this in mind, I wonder if it would actually be more efficient to nerf some of the top tiers instead. Although unfortunately new dinos keep getting stronger and stronger, and more and more complex.


Since creatures keep getting stronger, I thought buffing everything would be best so they can stand a chance against the newer creatures for a while (until the powercreep gets out of hand again, in which everything will again need buffs).

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Im just wary because every buffed dino is another chance for Ludia to make a new op monster. If they don’t get the power level of the buffed dinos exactly right, each one would just push the power creep further and further, until even recently buffed dinos could get left behind. Not to mention the sheer quantity of dinos that need buffs: not just the uniques, but the legendaries and even epics to ensure that the games progression curve remains continuous. One can even argue that even the newer rares tend to be stronger than most of the older ones. It’s a lot of work to do. In terms of effort nerfing the top ~dozen or so dinos and scaling back the power creep of new dinos would be easier, although realistically that’s not likely to happen. Not that buffing every other dino in the game is very likely to happen though either.

Ludia could very well continue the powercreep even after everything would get buffed (I hadn’t taken this into consideration before). However, I’m fine with any major balancing as long as it can keep the meta diverse. If we were to get any major balancing update, 3.0 would probably be when we get it.


This has always been the milion dollar question: Why are not more dinosaurs good in the arena!?!

It has always been like this.

Very few players will have the time, energy, patience or aptitude to understand the mechanics if every unique and apex has the ability to be strong enough to be a top tier.

The game is hard enough to understand with some of the flock moves for example. Add to that the physical demands of a deer that heals twice as much as it attacks and you can see where I’m coming from!

So if we had 30+ equally as meta relevant creatures they would have to add more complex movesets, defences, resistances and ultimately create an even more complex pvp experience.

So for me, (and anyone else) who can’t make head nor tail of half the moves and resistances we already have, the thought of even more buffs and nerfs fill me with dread.

I don’t think creatures have to be given wacky and complex moves just to be buffed. Many creatures just need better stats and resistances, or have one move swapped out with a better (but still simple) move. For example, you could buff Nodopatosaurus by increasing vulnerability resistance to 100% swapping Group Decelerating Strike with Group Decelerating Impact, and swapping Taunting Rampage with something like Rampage, Resilient Rampage, or Decelerating Rampage. As long as Ludia doesn’t shove a bunch of complicated alert moves onto everything, it should be fine.


One of the best examples of this is Spinonyx. Have you seen his abilities? They are awesome! But it’s too fragile and doesn’t hit as hard. A health buff would make it excellent.

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4350 health on Spinonyx would be nice, as well as 20% crit chance. Maybe a new On Escape that both pins the foe and increases your attack, to show some more Baryonyx in its moveset.

That’s way overkill, this things only weakness is fierce and stuns, seeing how most fierce are near useless stuns are necessary to keep elania balanced. Making it stun immune or even highly resistant would 100% make it overpowered.

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Options like Indotaurus, Antarctovenator, Tenontorex, and Phorurex are able to take it down, and only 4 tyrant creatures use stun (one is a swap in, one is an on escape, and one is on the creature that people can’t get yet). Stun resistance wouldn’t make it overly broken, as it’s still susceptible to swaps from Rhino and Parasauthops, as well has being weak against almost any unique or apex with a shattering move.

Elania already beats indot, with the other buffs Destructive was suggesting, it would beat tenrex and toven too… phorex is phorex, losing to it doesn’t mean much.

Tyrants aren’t the only thing that matter, if you’re going to be balancing out everything, you can’t ignore stuff like ceramagnus, grypol, thor, etc.

Literally everything without an on escape move is susceptible to swaps, for example, being able to swap in kill skoona doesn’t make skoona balanced.

In an unboosted setting, it beats basically every unique with a shattering move lol. Only loses to stuff like gemini and grypol

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a lot of these dinos simply do not have what i takes to be tyrant however a moveset overhaul for some of the older dinos would be amazing. By buffing all of these creatures though there is an opportunity for ludia to make another creature like phorurex that could absolutely couter everything on this list.

agreed. it would hae high damage output because of vulnerability an persistent ferocious strike. The thing is also even more bulky with armor and dig in

As a entelolania player, I know it would be broken with stun resistance. That’s because it destroys pretty much anything that doesn’t have stun and isn’t dio (mind games with that one) or grypo. I know that because every time something that uses stun misses the stun on entelol, it is usually destroyed easily.