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Massive overhaul


Don’t want to complain as I have really been enjoying the 1.6 patch. But the matchmaking is really something that needs looking into. I just got put up against this:

Needles to say my team is no match for it:

I don’t mind the losing part as the person I am playing has put a lot of effort,
time and maybe money into creating this team. What I do mind is that I lose over 40 trophies (43 to be precise) in this matchup.
Again, I feel especially with the latest update the game has taken a big step in the right direction, but the matchmaking/trophy system really needs a big overhaul! #rantover

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I totally understand you. Had pleasure fighting against this team earlier:

Actually, managed to take out his Spino, send his green chicken running (one hit away from death) and his Stegodeus was one hit away from dying too. My team was Tryo, Edmontoguana, Monostego and Gorgo: