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Massive support failure

So I’m going to post this on EVERY forum/social media I can until I get this resolved. This is gross negligence at this point.

My wife has opened over a dozen in game tickets over the past 2 weeks with zero results. The tickets either get closed with no response or get the same scripted answers with absolutely no attempt to solve the problem. We are the leader and co-leader of an alliance. We recently began so receive a pop up msg telling us that the name of our alliance went against community guidelines, yet we have had the name for over a year with no issues, and the name is not offensive in any way. The one time we actually received a personal response we were promised the error was corrected and it has not been. The game has become unplayable at this point because it pops up every 30 seconds. This needs a resolution Ludia …IMMEDIATELY


Maybe you could edit the name, then change it back to the original? … what is the name?

It’s been done, when the name is changed it just defaults back to what it was and the error continues. Ludia also tried to tell us it was a client side issue, but we even transfered ownership of the alliance to another person and they started receiving it, so clearly it is not.

How much does it cost to start an alliance? Maybe you could get Ludia to give you the coins and just start it over again?

Appreciate the suggestion but we have a full
established alliance, I’m not losing our rankings or putting my members through that hassle. This is their error and they need to fix it.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE somebody help me with this one. I just saw on another forum that another alliance has this issue as well and Ludia has stopped responding. Alliances are now getting errors that their alliance name is against community guidelines even though it is not. These are not new alliances and the names have not been altered form their original acceptance. Submitting tickets either leads to no response or the same repeated scripted answers that DO NOT fix the issue. Ludia refuses to admit that this is not a client side issue. If the alliance name is changed it just defaults back to the original a day later. If alliance ownership is changed the new owner then receives the error. Installing on a fresh device does not fix the issue. Logging in from a newly started acct on a new device does not fix the issue. Logging out of the game and all google accounts, and clearing caches then uninstalling/reinstalling and logging back in does NOT fix the issue. This is NOT a client side issue. Why will Ludia NOT respond to this? How many alliances are going to have to get frustrated and quit playing before we get an answer? This also pops up on the screen every minute or so continuously, with a button that will disband your alliance if you are not careful when clicking cubes etc. This is game breaking!!!

now my posts are being moderated??? ARE YOU SERIOUS???

Hey Spectre3875, could you send me a private message of your in-game support key? Thanks!

I sympathize because the failure of the support of this game is something that has been observed for too long despite the good will of the mods here. As soon as it becomes too complicated, they don’t even bother to answer anymore or they do it on purpose with an unsuitable automatic message… Good luck, I sincerely hope they will find a real solution for you and if it’s the case, don’t hesitate to come and tell us, we’re in need of good news…

I wish we had some method of recourse about this. This is Terrible.