Massive updates with 1.5 but

The damage counter still doesn’t work …



Love the new updates, and the alliances are soo much fun! This update has really brought the community together but this issue has been going on for soo long that it’s getting boring complaining about it


@Ned @Jorge and Jon etc… you all obviously have direct contact with the devs… can you have them talk to us directly about the current state of the game and why the issues have not been addressed?


Dont worry it will be fixed in the next big update 1.6…after 2 months

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Proof? Or are you just being sarcastic?

I’m being sarcastic :slight_smile:. The first day of update 1.4 people were already reporting this bug…we are now 2 months later and a new update and Ludia still hasn’t resolved this. This is just incredibly ridiculous. This game is better of getting a massive update only containing bug fixes. But they are not foing to do that, as history has proven

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Maybe, just maybe… they don’t know how to fix the problem…:thinking:

Can someone please help…:rofl:

Thanks in advance…:+1:

I agree, I wish they would work on bugs. Maybe they are and haven’t found a fix yet? I read on this forum that the devs are shuffled from game to game and have relearn code every time. Could account for the slow fixes.

I cancelled VIP yesterday because of spawns, battling still the same (RNGasaurus all of the time), and no bug fixes. Going to just be a casual player and dart and hunt when I have the urge. Battle is so boring now and with spawns, there is just nothing appealing for me atm.

I agree but this is getting better

Hey Hersh, we are sorry to hear that this is still happening in the new update. Our team is aware, and they’re still actively investigating. We hope that this will get addressed in the next patch, however, if there is more information we’ll be sure to try and keep everyone updated.


Fix this too…

And this… Tragod’s Long Invicibility… the game crashes…

It really is ridiculous that the bugs that cost people matches haven’t even been touched yet. It’s hard to do quick math in 15 seconds to determine the damage of attacks vs armor and shields since you can’t rely on the feature that’s supposed to show that. Even when a dino doesn’t have armor, the damage preview is still wrong. It makes no sense.