Master pinner: The Prawinosuchus!


They look cool, but don’t swap prevention abilities become a bit unnecessary when you have No Escape?


Yes. Though it’s supposed to be the master of binding. However, no escape kinda makes that redundant


Cool idea, but that unique is way too strong. You’re pulling 35% armor out of thin air, giving it FI along with a second impact (that becomes a rampage after FI) with a 1250 attack stat and 4500 HP! Way too strong. The legendary seems balanced and the idea for the line is solid, but that unique is OP.

grypos 20% + purrus 15%

Uhhhhhhhhh that’s some flawed logic right there lol. By that logic, Mammolania should have 80% armor :joy:

Testa would have 90, maybe 100% from the combination of Deer, Turtle, and Ceratopsian

I kinda wish the hybrid had that basic bleeding attack. The only bleed it gets is the swap in… Maybe a lethal swoop would be more satisfying, but a basic bleed would bring on the edge and pain that a master trapper (with a bleeding ancestry) would have.

But I do see the idea behind this moveset. This hybrid can be stunned, so using these moves just ensures that the enemy can’t escape in the event of being stunned.