Mastodon Mods Tournament

The Mastodon Tournament has concluded. Congrats to all those who won this creature!!

This tournament ran for 100 hours (4 days, 4 hours) from 4 0800 EST July, 2019 through 8 1200 EST July, 2019 and required 3 Mods per battle.

Here are the final scores for the Dominator League for this tournament:

Top of Dominator League: 2005

(2005 / 100 hours = 20 points per hour)

Bottom of Dominator League: 1132

(1132 / 100 hours = 11 points per hour)

Here’s the unlock screen for the Mastodon:

The Mastodon costs 10,000 DNA, which is identical to the Wooly Mammoth. The Mastodon’s stats also compare to the Wooly Mammoth’s:

Here are the first evolution facts:

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I was going to wait until after the tournament is over to explain why I think this tournaments is the worst, but screw it;

  1. They force you to poor stupid amounts of resources into collecting MOD’s just for a chance to try and get to dominator league, which also adds to my second point
  2. The fact you need 3 MODs to enter for 1 match, which you may not even win, meaning you’d have gone through the effort to collect those MOD’s for nothing.
  3. The fact they’ve used a brand new creature to basically lure us into taking part.
  4. 4 days, which I honestly think for a new creature, makes some sense. But not for a MOD tournament.

Thing is, they can improve by making MOD’s either optional (so you don’t need them to take part) Or have it so you just need 1 MOD for a match. But I’m afraid to say, chance are Ludia won’t change their minds, and try to make MOD tournaments more and more common.


Well said. Personally i’d say MODS are fine, but the fact that the game punishes players for not liking a certain aspect of the game that should be optional is just wrong. It’s OK to dislike MODS, and the people who do, deserve a Mastodon as well.
Plus 4 days long, and other MODS events at the same time? That’s just heartbreaking…


I invest all my spare coins, which is a lot, in mods. So far I suppose that I have more than 1000 if them.
Having mods is not the problem, what bothers me is that a mod fight takes sooooooo long, meaning this tournament will be extremely time consuming.


Just made it to 1st place in dominator, nearly 500, 2nd place right now is 337. If the pace of people matching you is quicker here, then ho boy… though if i do lose dominator by the end of this, i’d at least get golden pack.

So FYI, the competition is pretty easy up until Dominator league. The Mods that the NPCs have in the Dominator League get a LOT harder… I lost my first battle in Dominator but have won every one since (some barely).

I always use only one of my lvl 40 VIPs in dominator and complete the team with normal legendaries or rare and super rare hybrids. So far it is working.

Gave it a go to get S-DNA and made it into Dominator. Once there, i had to rely upon Lord and Saviour Nullify in order to have a chance as i got the new Legendary MOD two times in a single matchup. Not sure if’ll hang on.


What is the loyalty points for each tourney pack? I think predator and dominator are 1300. Hunter? My motivation to play this tourney to a certain level would be loyalty points.

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Yeah I normally do too in regular tournaments but I’m not taking any chances in this one… I’m beefing up my line up in Dominator just to be on the safe side.

Also I’m tossing in at least one Nullify in every battle and so far it’s been helping quite a bit.


Our Lord and Savior Nullify is absolutely pounding the competition.


Well… I suppose this is as good a stopping point as any for now…

Nullify has thus far helped me to win all of my battles in Dominator (after I lost the first one without Nullify).

I’ve only needed one Nullify per battle (the rest of the Mod selection didn’t seem to matter), but I also chose to step up my line up. My creature selection was way stronger than I normally would have gone with, but that’s because I just don’t have a ton of Mods to play around with.



Day 1.
Approximately 15 fights, that are 45 mods, that are 90mio coins to replace them with common mods. Wow.


It just speaks to how ridiculous having to face unknown Mods is that Nullify is the best option. Particularly all these new ones, which so far, I personally haven’t been able to acquire a SINGLE one of since I’m not yet at a point in the game where I have endless supplies of coins to throw into buying them. I already lost in only my SECOND match in this tournament by getting a Toxin thrown at me (in Survivor league?? Seriously??) which makes me even less inclined to put much effort at all into this, making it to Dominator would be a challenge for me but with it being FOUR days and needing Mods for every match, I think I’d be wasting my time to even try.


In all honestly,I’m the same with MODS in the game. But like I said before, Ludia is really pushing too hard to get people to use these.
It’s for this tournament, by making 3 MOD’s a requirement for 1 battle. They’re basically going “Get your MOD’s, or no elephant!” Which yeah, you’re right. It’s not right to punish people for choosing not to use MOD’s.


On the other hand it’s ok to give those guys who buy mods on a regular basis the opportunity to use them. It is simply a challenge for all of us. It’s up to everyone on his own to accept it.

@Tommi you’re not wrong.

I mean, as much as I dislike the Mods I’ll probably win this tournament. I chose to stock up for a couple of days in advance and so far (thanks to Nullify) I’ve been able to stay in front of the Dominator league.

And yet I do feel for all the players that are going to miss out on this exclusive creature because of the Mods. Ludia has to understand how polarizing these Mods are to their player base.

I’m trying to be objective but Ludia could have easily had a Mods tournament feature an older creature. Then all those who have (and enjoy) the Mods could have still put them to good use. The rest of us that don’t like the Mods could have easily opted out (or had limited participation in the event) without feeling forced to participate in order to obtain an exclusive creature.


I don’t think anyone disagrees with that. A mod PvE event once or even twice a week is fine. But they shouldn’t be pushed on us for tournaments, particularly requiring us to use 3 (even the PvE events aren’t doing this!) And a monthly Mod tournament?? Especially for a NEW animal? No. Just no.


I understand you although I am not affected as you are.
Don’t get me wrong, I do not like mod tournaments either but for another reason. A single fight takes much too long and this makes me tired and at the same time aggressive.
And after a long fight I get coins as reward and in the next fight coins and in the…
This makes me even more aggressive.


A discount on mods? Not in my world.


Me either. I don’t care HOW “reduced” they are. I am NOT wasting ANY of my precious DBs on Mods.

Ludia seems to be getting even more desperate to “sell” us on Mods. What they are doing is pushing them so hard on us, I’m hating them even more and more instead. If they had gone a LOT slower with things like throwing a Mod tournament at us, I wouldn’t be nearly as upset. First they throw a mod tournament at us so soon after Mods were introduced, now they do the SAME thing right after an update introducing a bunch of NEW mods, not to mention using a new creature as the prize… clearly trying to force players into paying in hopes of getting the new ones that they otherwise (like me) would have been unlikely to acquire via coin purchases. Feeling manipulated is NOT the way to build customer loyalty and happiness. Instead I’m thinking I may just step away from the game for awhile, because they are doing their best to destroy my enjoyment of it.