Mastodon tournament 7/16/2021 to 7/18/2021

Glad you won it in the end, you cut it fine though being at 0 trophies for the majority of the tournament :joy:


Sooo I am nearing the end of my patience on this disconnect on login.

Here is picture from late last night:

Note the resources and SDNA count…

Logging in this morning of course results in a crashed game after half a second:

Shutting the app down and immediately logging back in I am greeted with this screen:

Then this one:

And then checking to see if I revived the SDNA for finishing in Dominator:

My other resources were increased by the pack amount but alas no SDNA rewarded.

This has been going on for weeks/ months now.

So my question for Ludia (@Keith, @Ned) what is the cause of this (this started for me after the dreaded update 52) and as a paying player of this game what is Ludia’s expectations of me?

Is the expectation that I submit a support ticket every week for this occurrence, twice this week most likely since there are two tournaments?

Am I supposed to just accept this level of service for the game functionality and go about playing the game as is?

If it’s something on my end please explain? If it’s something on your end please fix this.


Hi Sionsith,
I have spoken to the team, and they are aware of the bug and are investigating the cause. In the meantime, we ask that players affected continue to write into support so they can gather more information.
Thank You


But when we do, we are told that we have already received the S-DNA…


For sure lol, tournaments end at 5:30 pm IST and I started my first (and last) run at 2 pm IST… :cold_face:


Congrats to everyone who got the Mastodon :partying_face:


Support ticket initiated.


So I got lucky this week. I still need to email about 2 previous tournaments.


Congrats to everyone who got this prehistoric elephant! :elephant:


If you want any more Prestosuchus, or if anyone else wants to buy him, he will be next week’s 20K LP ticket creature. Just an advance warning to hold onto those LPs!


‘Parp’ (sound of own trumpet being blown)



I wrote into support, they told me “they have thoroughly checked my game and I have received all SDNA from all tournaments” which makes me think that they either have no way to actually identify this issue and that the game registers the SDNA in some back channel of the game but it actually does not register in a players account.

That was time wasted on my part putting in a ticket only to be told my eyes are lying to me and that everything is working as intended. Guess those screenshots are incorrect in some way about the SDNA not increasing, must be some sort of SDNA cache that is hidden from players on our accounts, can’t wait to have access to this mystery SDNA at some point in the future.

But in all seriousness @Keith something needs to be done about this and telling players that nothing is happening when something is clearly happening is a bad business model.


I was wondering if the screenshots helped. I have learned there is no point to writing in about this issue without screenhots. @Daven @Keith this is highly frustrating


Apparently photographic proof does not help…

Finds wall, hits head against it.


It reminds me of an expression we have in my country… not very funny when literally translated, but something like: “oh, come on… would you rather believe ME or your own eyes?”
I guess your eyes play tricks on you… :flushed:


@Sionsith, I think I mentioned this earlier in the Mastodonosaurus tournament thread, but not sure. I emailed them about the 3 tournaments I didn’t get SDNA for and they tried to only give me two and said I finished in Predator in the Mastodonosaurus tournament even though I sent them a screenshot of my Dominator winnings after the crash (the here’s what you missed screen).
I replied, a little passive aggressively, that I finished in Dominator in the Mastodonosaurus tournament and that I literally gave them the screenshot of my Dominator rewards. So I added the screenshot of my final trophy count. They went back and checked and then eventually did send my SDNA over for the Mastodonosaurus tournament. I was a little miffed that they tried to say that I finished in Predator even with my Dominator screenshot (basically saying I was lying). I started to wonder if there was a point of sending in screenshots? It worked out for me in the end, so I guess I got lucky.

Edit: the other thing that bummed me out is they wouldn’t send my chosen SDNA, they would only send velociraptor SDNA. Still better than nothing.

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When I told them I didn’t recieve S-DNA for almost any Tournament I remember finishing in Dominator for, they went ahead and told me that these were issues happening when one uses third party software or emulators. Satisfying to know I’m not alone on this opinion of Support at the moment.

Sounds like a catch all comment. Obviously false that ONLY people using 3rd party software are having that issue. No 3rd party software here.

Edit: kind of like saying people watching NBA games will become NBA players. A very small percentage of them will, but them watching had nothing to do with it :rofl:


Exactly. When I tried to reason with them, they first shut me down saying they have indicators I’m using such software. After writing a ticket exclusively about why it seems so and how I could rectify anything (if I did anything wrong, which is. And I am pretty sure the list there is empty.) but I, to this day, haven’t heard back from them. They threw a false accusation at me just like that; and never reasoned why they felt it so. S-DNA is a relatively unimportant issue to get into fights with Support on, I agree. But I’d rather just hear a standalone “no, we cannot send you the S-DNA or any compensations unfortunately” than such accusations to go with it.


Ludia has no proof for anything, it look like when they say that they checked the game and nothing was wrong, they actually cant find any trace of that, like when I lost my indo gen 2 pack and a few other


Hello everyone,

I’ve spoken to the team about the situation.

Dominator League players who didn’t receive their S-DNAs after the tournament can write back to Support. They’ll be able to credit them to you.
As for the next tournament (Platecarpus), the team will automatically credit S-DNAs to players who finish in Dominator League at the end of the tournament (Monday).

Lastly, I believe the S-DNA issue should be resolved in the next update.
Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.