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Mastodon tournament 7/16/2021 to 7/18/2021

The card pack is absolutely stunning :open_mouth:


I don’t KNOW the amount of trophies required for this tournament, but we have access tournament data dating back to March 2019. So, I can look at what has happened in the past and make some general predictions about what MAY happen.

First-run tournaments usually require more trophies than repeat tournaments. Shorter tournaments usually require fewer tournaments than longer tournaments. Hybrid tournaments behave similarly to first-run tournaments.

So, if we look at the most recent regular (no Rules or MODs or brackets) 3-day tournaments, Einiosaurus required 1032 trophies and Gorgosaurus required 1027 trophies. The most recent Cenozoic tournament (conviently fitting the above requirements) was for Gigantophis and required 1203 trophies.

So, that data gives us a framework to start with. Analysis of the actual tournament behavior will either fine-tune the prediction or adjust it upnpr down as the circumstances dictate.

Edit: The reason we can make predictions like this is because by examining the data for almost 2.5 years, we are increasingly certain that the final trophy requirement is largely, if not entirely, predetermined before the tournament begins. Since similar tournaments tend to behave similarly, the impact of player participation is believed to be minimal, if it exists at all.


I know right! I love the design of the packs in this game!

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This is ridiculous but at least I’m getting closer…


It isn’t a bracketed torunament it was a mistake in the schedule.


Opening battle of survivor league…Maybe the hunter league but I would not expect to see a match up like this in survivor unless it were a bracketed tournament which this is not.


Is this better Mona?

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That seems right for survivor, for survivor il use level 40 pyroraptor main and 2 fodders and I got similar strength opponents to yours…

Went well today for me, as soon as I lose it takes me longer because I just use stupidly strong creatures which give me lower trophies but less headaches.

Anyone notice ai getting an extra point out of nowhere some times? I thought it was me being forgetful but could also explain my loss streak with infinite battles also…



After this tournament, the list of existing tournament creatures I’ve yet to unlock will be :

  • Plesiosuchus
  • Edestus
  • Gillicus
  • Dracorex
  • Smilodon
  • Urtinotherium
  • Gastornis
  • Arctodus
  • Pachyrhinosaurus
  • Kelenken

I think @Aether_12 has the same list as mine right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


First run Data


Mine is almost the same, except I have the cat. Which was my first tournament win.


I think so, although I’m pretty sure I had more herbivores to unlock, lemme check…


Now, how silly is this: my first prize was coins, my second one was THE PACK! What I find surprising is that I’ve got it in SURVIVOR league!! I wasn’t even aware it is available that early in tournament.
Anyhow, I’m quite happy so far…
Hope some of you will get that pack as well! Good luck!


Congrats, and yeah I think I got the kaprosuchus gen 2 pack in hunter league before so it is possible to get the pack in lower leagues.


Early data after a quick morning run


Evening data. Might do a little more tonight, but remaining dinos make pretty odd teams.

Edit: surprising what you can win with. Somehow just managed with L40 Ichthyostega, L40 Unaysaurus and L10 Diplosuchus, despite being matched with a Koolasuchus with 999 attack and a carni with an attack of 1715 against the herbivore, plus a herb at the level of mine. He hesitated, I had nothing to lose, somehow it worked. Got me 37 cups too.


Does anyone else just love the background design for this tournament? :star_struck: On top of the design of the card pack looks amazing imo.

Gonna do another run tonight, I think I’m currently sitting on 500 so gonna bump that up to at least 1k, less battles to worry about for saturday and sunday then.

Prizes have been meh for this one so far, hoping to score a few 1k dna prizes at least…

Good luck everyone! :four_leaf_clover: :facepunch:


It had been a while since I won one of these. 750 DBs will help me a lot in my plans to evolve tournament creatures and take advantage of hot times discounts.


Friday run:


End of day 1 data.