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Match by Team Level, not Trophies!


Isn’t it obvious that the way things are now encourages cheating (and also technically legal but unsportsmanlike play)?

Why have I lost 500 trophies this week to matches like this one??:

I checked this player after the match. Every single dino on their team is 28-30.

Ludía, I used to love this game…and I still want to. But it’s getting easier every day to make the decision to walk away.

No game is worth this kind of frustration when the solution is so obvious and easily implemented.


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It’s not the game… it’s the players… more importantly… the arena droppers…

I like to look at arena droppers as in being more or less the wannabe bully.
1: They are unable to compete and win at the level they should be at.
2: They purposely drop arenas so they can feel better about themselves for “finally” being able to win.
3: They use the excuse of “faring” incubators just to make them not look as pathetic as they are.
4: They don’t care about other players because they are selfish.
5: They are a “wannabe” bully because after all, this is only a virtual game!

I’ve had my fair share of arena droppers battle me… yeah, it is pathetic when you don’t stand a chance… but just remember, there are more friendly people playing the game than the arena droppers and bots…


Not lately there aren’t. I’ve been facing matches like this 3-4/5 times in the last week. This behavior wouldn’t exist if we were paired against comparable teams.


not only creature level but creature strength if possible. like give each dino a grade(level, rarity, win %) and then total up all the creatures on the team. then match against teams within that range. even then its not perfect.


some other ideas… Arena Rework Please!


I’ve been wanting “Team matched play” for a long time because I want to battle with my Teeny dino’s and not just be stuck only being able to play my 20’s dino’s. It would take days if not a week to drop trophy’s in order to play them.

On my 2nd account, I’ve only gotten up to playing only level 10 dino’s so I can play different dinos against different dino’s… BUT because of the alliance missions (imbalance) Ludia created, I am constantly facing level 13 to 15 Einiasuchus and Sinosaurus’s in practically every battle, well above my all level 10 team.

I have a good level 20 team on my 2nd account but don’t want to work my way up to play against the same dino’s I play against on my primary account.


Ok so, again, this simply isnt possible. You see, every day you play everyone around you is grinding and leveling therefore you will pass and be passed depending on your level of activity. Im at 4900 trophies, 3 months ago that was where the team level 20-23 players were, now its 25-30. If it was based on dino level you could farm wins by dropping low level creatures on your team and scoring easy wins, your trophies would rise but your dino levels wouldnt, you could be #1 with a team of level 5 dinos. Also, as it has been said, player skill would be meaningless and a ayer whos skills are less would never be able to rise. The trophy system is fine, not perfect, but you are going to lose sometimes


There are options that could work and help this problem. Simply limiting matchups by team level isn’t one


Don’t forget, they just banned a bunch of cheater accounts.

It’s possible the cheaters created new accounts, leveled up their creatures and entered the arenas.

It takes a day or two to create a new top team, not weeks or months.

It’s not just arena droppers.


Funny i just posted the same thing on a different forum… my team average is around 23/24, but in order to ensure that i go on winning/lossing streaks, ludia will sometimes pair me up against teams of 28-30 until my win count drops back down.
But its not rigged, the matches are completely random (smh):roll_eyes:


I hear you and i dont disagree entirely, but i will also say that sometimes the arena droppers may just be trying to get their daily rewards for playing a certain amount of matches and may not have time to sit for hours everyday. Again, just a thought.
The whole point of the daily rewards is to promote a psychological response that feeds into addiction, so i dont fault players who are smart enough to try to avoid that… i blame Ludia for their deliberate use of cunning in this manner.


Tournament soon, most droppers should be out of your hair.

Arena droppers lost so many games to move down, and have to lose as much as they win to stay at that spot.

So for every person that comes here to gripe l, there are more that feel lucky. But there is no forum for the happy perps.