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I’m new, but some things I already noticed are:

  1. I would love to see in chat above the bar with the two hearts a level indicator. Maybe each time you fill the bar and level up your match it actually shows your new level. Would be fun to see the progression since the bar always resets.

  2. Allow me to delete a chat. Maybe I was interested, but the convo got boring or I changed my mind. It would be nice to hold down the chat and have a delete button appear. If im no longer interested I dont want to keep seeing them.

  3. As others have said please let us select gender! I have paid for diamonds to see more profiles only for half to be the gender I dont want and others to be the ones I already swiped no on. I won’t be purchasing more diamonds for profiles until thats changed.

Other than that I’m loving it so far! Very entertaining!

Hey Hey Jess ^^

About your second point, maybe this can help you → If you click in their chat and go to their profile, you will see a heart next to their pic and you can unmatch them. If you do that If I’m not wrong the chat will disappear ^^. It’s something so far if you don’t wanna keep seeing these chats that you are not interested about >_< I’ve been doing that with a couple of characters

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Yay! That worked! Thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

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My pleasure!!! :relaxed:

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