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Match-Maker Match-Maker make me a match!

How about a fix for this?? Maybe something a little more fair?

Guess I should be happy I got to play someone in the top 500 :roll_eyes:

Hey! That’s me! (again - second time someone posted one of these after battling me… lol) To be fair to the matchmaking algorithm, you had more trophies than I did when we battled. I was playing my epic team in the aviary when I decided to climb back up.

The algo should be based primarily on team strength not trophies…that’s what annoys me lol. There’s gotta be a better way. How many trophies did you get for that match?? Lol also, please tell me that “Tuco” is your actual nickname and not from Breaking Bad :see_no_evil:

They tried team strength for two patches and couldnt get it right… there isnt really a good way to do team strength…

Boosts, levels, rarirty all have some factors and rarity/levels is the hardest… do you give legendaries and epics a discount in the team score… so a level 22 edmoniguna/para and 22 erli dont hit the team score equally. Ok then what about procera and indo g2 do they also get this discount so they have less of a team score hit in touro or stygidarex.

Ludia tried and failed to provide team strength match making for a long time and its still nowhere close

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I got 32 for the win, which is why I thought you had more at the time.

Tuco is from “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. I never watched Breaking Bad. My profile photo is the character, played by Eli Wallach.

Team strength matching is a disaster, it’s been proven. Trophy count is the best way to go.

Sorry you were a victim of my climb.