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Match making impression

So now that we can consistently get matchs and try the 'tighter match making" implemented with todays patch.

In my experience it does not take boosts into account enough to truly reflect the power of a team.

Its early to tell for sure… but atleast today… my team level is 21.7… with boosts around 2-4 … I havent bought every available boosts but ive purchased more then I havent. But i was consistantly matched against teams a few levels higher then me but with little to no boosts.

Even the might rng wasnt enough to even the odds… i didnt win every match but i had more 3-1 wins almost like I dropped to arenas and was now climbing back up. I figured id climb some after buying boosts but i did not expect to win so consistently and overwhelmingly.

In reality a similarly boosted level 20 utasino is a better matchup then a non boosted 24… but i dont think match making knows that.

Ill update again once i stop climbing and stabalize… But i was wondering how other people felt about it.

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