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Match making is broken with 1.9 and more

With patch 1.8, all of the opponents I would get matched with had creatures at similar levels to my own and the matches were competitive and fun. Since updating to 1.9, I have yet to be matched with an opponent that I could compete with. Please return the match making back to 1.8. Thank you.
Also, why the heck is indoraptor immune to distraction when it has cleansing impact? What genius thought that was a good idea? Get rid of its distraction immunity.

I put more use in stopping a bleed than cleansing distraction! I generally hold off on the cleanse until after they use a bleed!

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Bleeding indoraptor wasn’t a common strategy since it didn’t have a whole lot of health to begin with. At least not one that I saw. Distracting indo to reduce the damage of rampage was the way to go. Smart players would hold off cleanse for that, but now there’s no real way to stop indoraptor unless you bleed it. We have our next thor/draco nuisance. Great.

I always bled indoraptor if I could… and did super strike after, if they cleansed suchotator would be faster and killed them with nullify

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Indo should have only been immune to stuns since that’s what Cleansing Impact cannot remove/help against.


Exactly what I think.

Actually, a number of people noticed that the matchmaking changed BEFORE patch 1.9 was released. It happened when the new season started at the beginning of September. Everyone I talk to noticed the difference. Many people have dropped hundreds of trophies in the last several days.

It seemed to have the opposite effect on me. I’m somehow still in Aviary.

At first, I thought that they maybe changed matchmaking back to the bad way (matching you against far higher trophy counts) ONLY in Aviary, but I have friends who are only level 11 and who have around 2200 trophies and they also noticed they are getting opponents who way out-match them since the new season started.

I go between 4500 and 4704, highest I’ve been matched against so far had 4990 trophies.

Similar… I go between 4475 and 4750.
I had one opponent that was 5108. (That was a hoot.)

first 5 battles and lost them all, and once again im facing great lvl 27 trykos and lvl 28 thors.
maybe number of players… ill keep an eye into next battles now.

indoraptor: cleanse still useful for bleeding and slowdown. but being immune to distract and stun, battling against tryko and thor is gonna be more interesting now hehe.

I didn’t have any matches against level 25-26 creatures until today. I don’t have any creatures that high. The highest level creature on my team is 21. Not sure what my opponents trophy counts were, but they shouldn’t be where I am with level 25 creatures.