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Match making is clearly broken

my highest level dino is 21, im at 3700 trophies, and i don’t buy boosts so my stats are only slightly buffed on my dinos.

im fighting people with 4k trophies lvl 25-28 dinos and they have up to tier 7 stats boost across the board.
fought a lvl 28 einiasuchus with 6k+ health 2k base damage and 143 movement speed, it just 1 hit everything. this is a joke.

fix match making, at least let me fight people at my own trophy level.

on average every opponent i fight have dinos 3 level higher than me and have tier 5+ stats boosts.
how is this match making remotely even.

and on top of that rng is a joke. i have a lvl 21 thor that crits maybe once every 5th match and its always when the person has like 500 health left so it literally didn’t help at all. while im fighting people with thors lvl 23 with 4k health and 130 movement speed getting 3-4 crits back to back. and its not some freak incidence this is the norm for me.

the lvl 23+ DCs are just a joy to fight when they throw out 3k+ damage wiping almost anything i can put out. you know the match is going to end well when the opponents very first move is just to swap in and 1 hit kill my full health dino. just to have them swap out to do it again 2 turns later.


They will not do anything, they just want fresh money, it does not matter if the game goes well or not, enjoy it in another way or leave it because the game is now dead.


This is their way of marketing boosts to you. Buy more boost to be competitive. I’ve come to believe the match making favoring boosters over DNA levelers is intentional and here to stay.

I will battle for incubators and daily missions and that’s it. Trophies in this meta are more meaningless and false than ever. Basically buy enough boost to boost your rank or else get trashed on.


I’m ok with Dracos and a few boosted to the moon dinos, but I’m a 4700 with a team avg of 27 and faced teams last night that were over 5100 and avg 28 at least. All were boosted more and needless to say I had no chance. I very reluctantly bought the boosts after the rollback which was just dumb.

i refuse to buy the boosts out of principle at this point.

The old system was sooooo bad that those players you are facing now should have never been at your level. Hopefully this new system will get those players out of your range soon. Hang in there…they should be gone by this time next week.

Thankfully the daily mission reward isn’t great so not battling for a few days is easier.

The option to reverse boosts from our dinos would be nice. I’m totally stuck with the team I have and switching them out won’t help at all. Sorry for whining, very frustrated.


well its getting worse just fought a lvl 30 boosted to high heaven lol. broken beyond belief. and im below 3600 now and the dinos just keep getting stronger. about to be below 3500 soon. by then ill be fighting full teams of 30s with tier ten stat boosts at the rate these matches are going.

at least with the old system i was fighting dinos roughly around my level

They can say they will fix the issues but we all know they won’t. Look at this last glitch that allowed people to buy unlimited boosts again. Have they addressed that problem yet. Why should they. They’re just hoping more players will get upset at losing nonstop to the so called matchmaking that they will buy buy buy. So no, Ludia will not fix anything and it’s almost guaranteed they will “unintentionally “ cause another glitch to keep the lunacy going in their favor.

Playing around with it a bit more I just can’t get the right feel of it.
I’m now sure I prefer the original trophy system now.
I had a good idea of what I would be matched with and now
I never know what I will be matched with. Could be right, or it could be all L30 dinos boosted with lasers and rocket launchers

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