Match making is unfair!

I am getting fed up with this game. I don’t mind losing but to lose 200 Trophys in one hit is stupid. Thor needs to be dam nerfed and so dose Draco ceratops. Its no fun to keep going in to the battle arena just to lose. All my team are over 20

Both those dinos got a buff in the last update !
It’s amazing but true .
I get that you want to vent your frustration on here , but if you think they will listen you’ll be disappointed .
How did they possibly think that their supposed nerf on Draco was going to solve anything when they gave it a damage boost is anyone’s guess . And as for Thora getting a damage boost , it truly beggars belief .

What do you mean losing 200 trophy’s in 1 hit? You lose like 35 at the most in battles. But if they are higher then you it’s only 10 lost. I do agree match making needs fixed though. Everyone goes through streaks of losing complaining about doesn’t do anything.

Sure but if not enough people complain, then the chances of them doing something about it are close to nothing. These posts will and have to be made in order for them to get it together and realize that matchmaking is not working. Sure it’s “working” for those that have lower level teams but dont have to play against the best of the best. Basically they’ve skipped over months of playing that those with high lvl teams grinded out AND they’re getting rewarded by these tournament rewards that are currently in progress. But how is that fair for those that have high level teams yet continue to spin their wheels with absolutely no progress?