Match making time

What is up with the time it is taking to get matched up? in the 4000-4500 trophy range. taking 5 full minutes almost every time.

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Yea it is annoying as hell…

Lack of players.
It’s a real thing.
Go figure, you’d think they’d they to recruit new players, and more importantly, keep their base happy by responding to suggestions and bug reports.

well they will lose another one if i keep having to go through this

It could be because O2 is down here in the UK ?

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Will you be happier to get match up faster, but with people on 5500-6000 trophies? I am not, on the contrary I would be glad to have my phone busy for 7 minutes (I can do something else while waiting for the matchup) to be matched with people with my average trophies (a delta of 200 is ok for me… al least 300) not 450 as of now, in lockwood.

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“you’d think they’d they…”

Because some of us don’t like being at 4500 all the time and drop down after the tournament.

We should just be able to choose bots to fight to make incubators quicker to gain

Player base shrinking. Saw someone post about it a few days ago. JWA has retained less than half of the players that it started with and it’s been declining. I am not sure how many of those quit on their own or they were banned, but I have found that matchmaking in the 5000-5500 also take almost the full countdown.

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Thought I was gonna witness some sort of jwa dating show before I opened this.

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Lack of bug fixes driving players away? I’ve noticed much longer wait times as well. People rage quitting over only opening 13 incubators and missing out on 4 hard cash maybe.

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Some people just like to argue, saying circles aren’t round, calling out autocorrect issues.
They probably would argue that the player base shrinking isn’t the problem.
It’s actually a growing base, they’d counter.

Pasty white nerd in the first chair has 42xx trophies and has spent your future wedding money on this game.

Do you have any questions for them?

id rather play the #1 player in the world right away than watch the loading screen for 5 minutes
give me enough RNG, and i’ll have a chance too

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